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Desc:Check Please
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:alien, Special, Chestburster, Michigan J Frog, Spaceballs
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Comment count is 13
Needs a John Hurt tag.
See, this was in the long-gone, pre-Scary Movie days when an actor like this cameoing in another film poking fun at himself was actually rare enough to be funny.

Not to mention there was about, what, 12-15 years between Alien and this, as opposed to the 12-15 weeks between original-to-satire nowadays.
Torture the Artist
yeah, no, see the guy said a line from that other movie and then something wacky happened. it's totally different from that wayans brothers garbage!

a lot of people seem to confuse gene wilder and madeline kahn being good with mel brooks being good.

Young Frankenstein and The Producers are the only Mel Brooks movies to have held up over the years.
Uh, Blazing Saddles?

Robin Hood: Men In Tights.

Also fuck you FABIO2.

Caminante Nocturno
Man, screw you guys.
I was recently shocked to discover that there are people who don't like Spaceballs. There was some crying.
Personally while I like this film, I feel it really hasn't held up very well in the years since its release. IMHO I think this is probably brooks last good film, that said though even before this I felt a lot of his films are hit or miss.

That and much like Monty Python I feel a lot of brooks fans, specifically the young Frankenstein and History of the World fans, really make me hate his work and make it very hard for me to enjoy his films (if their not obnoxiously blowing his film work, they unbearably quote him till i want to vomit in rage).

either way this was his last watchable film, after that he just got really sad and lost sight of what a good parody is. i mean Dracula:dead and loving it...seriously!?

This was the only good scene in the whole terrible movie.
There's a word for people who don't like Spaceballs.
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