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Desc:We are STILL in control of all you see and hear.
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:horror, TV Themes, Outer Limits, remakes
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Comment count is 9
mediocre remake of a Twighlight Zone ripoff
ohhhhh, computer graphix!! original twilight zone beats all remakes and competitors. although, i'll admit to liking a few of the modern outer limits.
also, that repetitious violin is rather frightening

have you people even seen this show? It was way ridiculous and over the top
I am in fact partial to the house-tree thing.
Sean Robinson
The first time I saw this show, the star was Alyssa Milano's tits - back when that meant something.

So fuck yeah I'm giving this 5 stars.
I love this show so dearly. It's either really good sci-fi, or (more often) really awesomely bad sci-fi.
Most of the images are photographs by Jerry Uelsmann.
Here's how this episode ended: The real monster...is man.
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