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Desc:The high point of Rare's long and storied career?
Category:Video Games, Horror
Tags:Rap, donkey kong, the DK crew, rare, see what I said about british rappers
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Comment count is 16
I wonder why chicks think videogames are for losers.
When I was 10, I had to write a song for DARE class and I set it to the tune of the DK rap. "Anti! Anti drug! Anti! Anti-drugs and drinks!"

It was the nadir of my life.
Sean Robinson
Coconut pistol fires in spurts.

Tee hee.
Even a song as catchy and lyrically challenging as this is insufficient to make up for the massive disappointment that was DK64.
Notice how Rare subtly equates monkeys with black people here. 4 Stars.

Sudan no1
very subtle.

just another reason why I hate DK and Nintendo (oh, and for the 64, too)
five stars because its not the introduction to a kid's cartoon show

You should hate Rare for this, not Nintendo.

+5 stars for being the worst thing ever
-1 star for being the worst thing ever
these kongs aren't on drugs and they don't smoke crack
But... Kranky Kong is technically the last member of the DK Crew.
-1 star because the SSBM remix is more gangster.

Also, Funky Kong in the new game for DS sounds exactly like Lil' Jon and is basically a giant racist stereotype which is great.
bang to buck ratio
Pineapple smells? Ew.
The entire DK Country franchise annoys me, but at least this was the game that made people realize how mediocre the series was. Rare gets credit for at least being festive with its intro.
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