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Desc:Wrestler Jumbo Tsuruta turns into Mario, gets attacked by other wrestlers. Then things get weird.
Category:Video Games, Classic TV Clips
Tags:wrestling, Japan, Super Mario, oh japan, Jumbo Tsuruta
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Comment count is 15
j lzrd / swift idiot
I... what? Why can't spanish TV ever be this awesome?
why can't ANYTHING be this awesome?
There aren't many things on the internet that can make a grown man cry.
asian hick
I don't really understand what Hitchcock was trying to do with this scene.
More or less what I was going to say. Damn you.

Gulliver's Travels + Super Mario Brothers + fat asian wrestler = epic win
Gamara II
It's strange how Japanese women used to have eyebrows.
So, professional wrestlers from other cultures are terrible actors too.
Wow. Just... wow.

If you downvote this, you should be beaten with cinderblocks.
bang to buck ratio
this is what my dreams look like
I kept waiting for Jumbo to knee someone in the face.

Also: Genichiro Tenryu and Giant Baba also make appearances.

Jimmy Labatt
My new favourite video in the world
a flaming monkey
Jumbo sounds like a japanese Arnie!!!

I wish I were insane enough to really understand this.

No, I don't.
That was possibly the greatest thing I've seen all week. Well, second greatest. It's been a good week.
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