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Desc:Current cult leader David Miscavige announces that Hubbard has voluntarily 'dropped his body'.
Tags:Scientology, death, cult, lrh
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Comment count is 14
I could almost understand what that little shit Miscavige said, but the sound quality was mercifully horrible.
Unmerciful Crushing Force
"Miscavige, what do the cans say about his OT level?"


I'm so fucking sorry...
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
And now his riches are MINE ALL MINE

"The body he had used in this existence ceased to be useful."

You know even Christians and Muslims are willing to say that Jesus and Muhammad died.
After years of being Ron's personal cabin boy on the poopdeck, the Thetans at last cash themselves in.
He can barely contain his smirk throughout the speech. He must be thinking of all the ass and blow he can now buy with his new found riches
Hugo Gorilla
They love The Leader.
Is there anyone who knows anything about Scientology, and isn't a Scientologist themself, who doesn't believe that LRH "dropped his body" at this toad's orders? Served him right, I suppose. Create a fake religion to score incredible amounts of cash, and equally fake followers will one day do you in to get it. No honor among thieves.
No, no, no, you're supposed to read from the dictionary at the BEGINNING of your speech.

His talk about OT needs a lot of TP.

Rodents of Unusual Size
A few people laugh at him at about -1.58 over the whole writing from outside the body thing.

I really can't wait until these people pull a Waco and get their asses in direct conflict with everyone else so we can publicly hate and shame them the way they should be.
Dying is now an OT level? What happens if you can't Clear?
Killer Joe
How do guys talk about it not being a church these days? Don't they say it isn't a religion? I'm not flinging rhetorical questions, I'd really like to know.
It sure is too bad Ellaraich chose to drop the identifying form or non-identifying form he used to facilitate the control of, the communication of and with and the havingness of the thetan in his existence. :^(
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