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Desc:This is kind of what my day is like.
Category:Humor, Short Films
Tags:Linda, kewlmagik, Call Center
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Worst timed cheer. EVER.
Comment count is 17
Millard - 2007-10-15
God help me, but I was laughing pretty much continuously.
revdrew - 2007-10-15
You're supposed to them to unplug it for an hour, then call back if it didn't work.
revdrew - 2007-10-15
^ tell

coprolalia - 2007-10-15
That voice is so familiar. Shaye?
revdrew - 2007-10-15
First thing I thought, too.

PlushJake - 2007-10-16
She should have just told the caller she was in wire therapy.

grimcity - 2007-10-16
That has to be Shaye... the voice, effects, cadence, everything... aweome.

happy_ending - 2007-10-15
I actually had a guy say "Love ya" right before he hung up with me the other day. Then, he called back and stayed on hold for 15 minutes just to tell me that he didn't mean it and he hoped I wasn't creeped out.
Repomancer - 2007-10-16
Just kidding. I meant it after all.

enki don't - 2007-10-16
I'll never stop. Never.

Kingofthehobos - 2007-10-16
my entire cll center experience can be summed up with one caller moment "YOUR SCREWING OVER GRANDMA!!" "MADAM YOU ARE NOT MY GRANDMOTHER!!"
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2007-10-16
That was not me, that was my coworker, whiteboard.
Azmo23 - 2007-10-16
sir, can you hear me? does it help when I put this teddy bear closer to the receiver?
Cube - 2007-10-16
athodyd - 2007-10-16
It looks and sort of sounds like Amy Poehler, therefore I am sexually attracted to it.

baleen - 2007-10-16

I'm sure this guy will enjoy that he's a hit over here. He's a friend of a friend of mine from Seattle and I think he should be famous.
happy_ending - 2007-10-16
I agree. Thank you very much for introducing me to this.

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