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Desc:A brief proof that the design of bananas indicate the existence of God
Category:Religious, Science & Technology
Tags:Evolution, God, Banana, atheist
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Resubmit:Lauritz Melchior

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Comment count is 45
Stopheles - 2006-04-25
OMG! The chamber worm is TOTALLY designed to hurt humans! GOD IS REAL!!
Spider Jerusalem - 2006-04-25
"BEHOLD! The atheist's nightmare!" I really want to hear what the other guy was about to say.
Mayberry Pancakes - 2006-04-25
Don't monkeys eat bananas?
thekidinthehelmet - 2008-08-17
Shh, monkeys are used by Satan to make us question bananas. Which everyone knows rained from heaven when Moses lead the Israelites across the wilderness.

But if God loves bananas so much why the hell do they turn brown and bruise so fast/easy?

Xiphias - 2006-04-25
Laugh, but remember that these people represent the majority of voters in many states.
Mike Tyson?! - 2006-04-25
But humans designed the 'modern' banana that guy bought from the store?
xenocide - 2006-04-25
"Its long, thick, phallic shape conforms perfectly to my mouth. Oh, yes, THIS FEELS SO RIGHT."
TheSnake - 2006-04-25
What if you live in Hawaii? Thanks for all these pineapples and coconuts, ASSHOLE.
sosage - 2006-04-25
Could he please explain the design genius behind the duckbilled platypus?
Severian - 2006-04-26
Wow. I've gone from atheist to fundie in less than a minute.
Stog - 2006-04-27
"Next time, we look at why grapefruits are the work of Satan"
blackbetta - 2006-04-28
This shit is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S
pookles - 2006-04-29
bananas grow "upside down", with the "top" to which he refers at the bottom of the fruit
boner - 2006-05-02
The silent dude is Kirk Cameron
Crucifried - 2006-05-05
What if you hold it backwards, genius? Not so "curved towards the face" now, is it?
exar_kun - 2006-05-11
evolution wouldn't explain why hands hold food.......idiot
jim - 2006-05-21
god made man, but he used a monkey to do it
deadlydeathcone - 2006-05-31
Get a life, God
bopeton - 2006-06-11
That's cute, but what about all the fruits that are hard to eat, or poison?
Spit Spingola - 2006-06-30
"God also designed the banana to fit perfectly into my asshole"
Concerned Citizen - 2006-07-01
I've never seen anyone so appreciative of the humble banana. Kinda nice. I have no snarky comment.
judobutterfly - 2006-07-05
Bear in mind that bananas share about 25% of their genetic makeup with humans.
Caminante - 2006-07-09
That is the most sexual description of a banana I've ever heard.
commandocucumber - 2008-08-17
same here. i simply couldn't listen to this without hearing al the many many MANY homo-erotic undertones

Exegesis_Saves - 2006-07-25
Further, the platypus is proof that God has a sick sense of humor.
chet - 2006-09-23
And artichokes are made by the devil?
bongoprophet - 2006-09-30
behold logic, the fundamentalists nightmare
TEDA - 2006-11-06
More like mangoes are made by the devil. Have you ever tried to peel one of them?
takewithfood - 2006-11-09
And next, we have the coconut. Now you see, the coconut.. uhm.. well it.. ahh.. er..
bethanny - 2006-11-10
If God made bananas in such a way, then oral sex is ok too! See how a penis curves towards you!
Inferno - 2006-11-17
"It fits perfectly in the mouth... oh yeah, just like that.... OOOohh YEAH!!!"
Urburos - 2007-01-30
If I turn the banana away from my mouth, does that make it defective?
Ashenblade - 2007-01-31
Explain onions, dick.
glenn - 2007-03-06
Loses a star because we don't get to hear Kirk Cameron's followup.
FISTFULLofSOUL - 2007-11-10
one star for the banana...it just wasn't trying hard enough
Chalkdust - 2008-01-18
By the same token, I could say that pineapples, tamarind and durian are proof that Satan is Lord.
crayondisaster - 2008-02-20
Watch Kirk Cameron examine that can like he lives in a country without aluminum.

The banana is this atheist's worst nightmare. Damn you, potassium retaining acne medicine!

Anyone else think "green, too girly?"
Cleaner82 - 2008-05-28
I don't know if I have any well-made bananas on hand.
notbob - 2008-07-18
Christians say god made man in his image.

Which makes it fun to ask one why we have an appendix.

If that isn't entertaining enough, hit them with a fossil.
CornOnTheCabre - 2008-09-21
god eats alot of dirt and twigs

Blandwiches - 2010-06-26
If God made us in his image, does that mean he eats bananas? Why would his hands be shaped that way otherwise?

kennydra - 2008-10-02
Even if this wasn't totally crazy and stupid, it would be at least slightly more convincing if bananas were the main source of food for humans, but I'm pretty sure if you ate only bananas you would die. Pretty much all other foods are a bitch to eat.
heyitslozeau - 2008-10-12
not to mention this is a wild banana

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Inside_a_wild-type_banana.j pg

all of their arguments of intelligent design were designed by farmers in over thousands of years.
Shotgun Jackson - 2008-12-13
The fools are so dense... Everyone knows that bananas are God's dildos...
Xero - 2010-04-10
So I can ward off atheists with bananas, right? Like zombies and fire or teabaggers and coloreds.
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