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Desc:A superhero team made up of old pulp characters? Yes, please.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Superheroes, Saturday Morning Cartoons
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Comment count is 22
NineEleven - 2007-10-18
Are those the planeteers?
SDAusmus - 2007-10-18
-**** for The Phantom not having his zebra-striped underpants.
snothouse - 2007-10-18
I had all these action figures! Because they went on sale really quickly!
Gojira1000 - 2007-10-18
Urm. Enough sourceless mid-life-crisis nostalgia, please. I have The Fear that we'll see the Smurf intro on here shortly.
Aelric - 2007-10-18
-1 star for poaching this from the hopper, but then again, you waited till it went all the way through and failed.
athodyd - 2007-10-18

wait who the fuck is lothar
KnowFuture - 2007-10-19
You know, the black guy they made up, like all those rotating minority characters on the Superfriends.

Singing Penis - 2007-10-19
Lothar has been around since like 1924. In the strip he was Mandrake's bodyguard and valet, who also happened to be an African prince. So... yeah.

Never saw this show, but I love all the old pulp heroes, so stars all around.

Singing Penis - 2007-10-19
That "so... yeah" was not meant to be a Comic Book Guy expression of smugness. Lothar is just a weird, kind of embarrassing character.

Xenocide - 2007-10-19
Ah, the 20's. You gotta love the kind of racism that says that being African royalty only renders you worthy of being a magical white guy's houseboy.

On the show, Lothar was super-strong, and also a mechanical genius, and also a tactical mastermind, and also a master of the martial arts. But it's not like we're trying to compensate or anything.

K Clobber - 2007-10-19
Singer, Mandrake was created in 1934.

Xeno, Lothar chose to accompany Mandrake on his travels so that he could both see the wide world (presumably enhancing his perspective and experience against such time as he would be responsible for leading his people), and fight injustice. In the comics, he frequently fought criminals all on his own. He is widely regarded as the first mainstream African American (what a funny term, since he wasn't American) crimefighter, just the same as Mandrake is considered by some to be the first honest-to-goodness superhero. Mandrake viewed him as an equal. Originally he didn't speak much English and wore a leopard skin, but they changed him to make him more hardcore, intelligent, and generally formidable after just a couple of years.

Any which way you slice it, they are viewed as the first interracial crime-fighting team in Western history.

Which I don't buy, because I think the Green Hornet and Kato were around first.

So at least they were the first black/white duo.

I say that's worth something, coming from the 1930's.

Singman, I am being smug.

Singing Penis - 2007-10-19
Smug as you are, you're still WRONG. Re: The Lothar stuff, yeah, he was treated surprisingly well as a character, al things considered. But Mandrake was created in 1924-- he was only sold to King Features Syndicate ten years later, which is often falsely cited as the date of his creation.

K Clobber - 2007-10-19
Holy fucking shit. You appear to be right. Almost everything on the web says 1934, but on digging deeper, you appear to be right.

I would suicide at once, but I think most of what I say is still a valid response to Xenocide.

The only thing that was a response to you was the year.

I concede about that. I owe you one.

erratic - 2007-10-18
I don't remember this, so, no nostalgia factor...but then again, even if I had seen it, I'd never know because the video is at about 8x8 pixels per frame.
Caminante Nocturno - 2007-10-19
I saw this show once, ONCE on the Scifi channel, and that was enough for the theme song to get stuck in my head. That's got to count for something.
poorwill - 2016-09-16
Apparently Stan Lee wrote the lyrics.

K Clobber - 2007-10-19
I fucking loved this show. Phantom's 'animal powers' were a big disappointment though, because he only ever used 'the strength of ten tigers!'

Later on, I found out that he wasn't supposed to have any powers at all. They made them up for the show. Or so I was told. Also I don't remember Billy Zane ever calling upon 'the strength of ten tigers'.

Anyway, Phantom is supposed to be from Africa. Why would he have tiger powers? Why not leopard or lion?

I had no recollection of his ring shot.
Genghis the gerbil - 2009-01-17
I don't recall the animation sequence ever actually featuring ten tigers.


FABIO2 - 2007-10-19
My only memory of this show is frustration. The schoolbus would always come to my house halfway through an episode and I never got to see the end to a single one =(
Xiphias - 2007-10-19
someone's tired of cartoon intros (that person is me)
Triggerbaby - 2007-10-19
Somebody is tired of life (still you)

kingarthur - 2007-10-19
SLAM EVIL! There. Are we done now? Now that I have space in my brain taken up by the history of the black guy on Defenders of the Earth?
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