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Desc:Rambu is a good guy and the other guys are very bad guys.
Category:Arts, Humor
Tags:scumbags, old ladies, rambu, hard justice
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Resubmit:Old People

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Comment count is 23

Power O'Brien as THE INTRUDER.
for being pathetic, and 5 staring your own video
Who is this rudy-poo?

christ almighty kid don't we hate you enough on the other website


You are a very special person SolRo.

Baleen's an intriguing fellow; you aren't.

what the fuck is wrong with you

did you even watch the video

he has a magical ball

Frank Rizzo
did solro rain piss all over your guys cupcake parade or some shit?

SolRo's been one starring a lot of baleen's videos without offering any real commentary.

That's his right, but it's tiresome.


The saga between me and SolRo... well, it's probably less of a saga and more of a doctor's appointment to get a boil lanced, originated on the POE forums, and is a reaction to the content of his posts and his character in general. I identify SolRo as indicative of a similar group of posters who all seemed to arrive at the same time and sort of made the site a little less interesting for me. It is not fair that he should be the headmaster of this group of anime-gamers (with IMPORTANT political opinions about how George Bush is dumb) but then life on the internet is rife with these kinds of injustices.

Obviously this video can't compare to the Intro to some faggy anime or a puppy vs. mirror video. Shame on you for questioning SolRo's distinguished tastes.

did he kick their ass with jai alai
That's one magic ass-kicking ball he's got there.
Mother Lumper
Dubbed like anime, yet better.
Jeff Fries
THE Charlie?
Innocent Bystander
"Thanks mister, you saved my family." Yeah. Don't sound too excited about it, lady.

Also, produced by the Punjabis. Ooh, gotta check this out.
Its sort of like bollywoods Big Lebowski.
made in Indonesia

Testicles of Doom
Billy Buttsex
I don't believe that Asians understand the true spirit of Rambu. It's like when politicians celebrate Jesus. It's just... off.
Menudo con queso
Wow, Peter Frampton was a bigger badass than I ever imagined.
I'm guessing somebody watched a Rambo movie and was disappointed when Rambo never actually killed any charlies, not realizing that Charlie is code and not an actual person.
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