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Desc:Dutch teenagers dancing, after a fashion, courtesy of pastichery.
Category:Stunts, Humor
Tags:dancing, the Netherlands, white people, flailing
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Comment count is 19
Wheee! Thars GOLD in them thar hills! Yeee-Haa! Woo-hoo!
I can't even imagine what I would think or do if I saw this outside my home.
Once Europeans spent their time burning heretics, colonizing brown people, and starting world wars. Now they do this. I'm not sure which is worse.
Frank Rizzo
how is different from that "crib walk" or whatever. The yo dance
Billy Buttsex
it's not

Looks to me like what they used to call "skanking", minus the combat boots and flight jackets.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Where's Technoviking?
Wrong country. They are speaking Dutch, not Danish.

Denmark and the Netherlands are both weak willed countries, almost no difference. I have to give the slight edge to Holland because Indonesia is cooler than Greenland and they legalized my favorite hobby.

They legalized being shockingly retarded?

That's no Gold Inferno!

You just can't take the Dutch anywhere.
The Belgians and French are just as guilty when it comes to this 'jumpen' business.
Yeah, I think we can pin the blame for this on the Flemish.

It's just so long.
When I saw the title "Jumpen", I knew it would be people from some Viking country doing something awesomely stupid.
j lzrd / swift idiot
When I saw the title "Jumpen," I had no idea what I was clicking on. I'll second awesomely stupid.
Spastic Avenger
TOP THAT (euromix ver.)!
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