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Bisekrankas - 2007-10-30

Someone should remake the gameplay part, but keep the story intact.

I make sure to replay this game once a year.

Aelric - 2007-10-30

well, it's not a remake, but there is this: http://www.planescapetrilogy.com/

dunno if it'll be any good, but might be worth a glance

FABIO2 - 2007-10-30

They did this and called it Knights of the Old Republic 2.

Although they never did finish it =\

anvill - 2007-10-30

The Knights of the Old Republic 2 restoration project continues to crawl along. Looks like it'll release around January, give or take a month.

Aelric - 2007-10-30

like the fallouts, this game keeps giving me new experiences every time i play it, yet retains the same strengths that makes me keep coming back. great script, great concept, great characters, livable combat, decent graphics (for the time). this was the holy grain of late 90's cRPGs in my opinion, with fallout as it's only real competition. if you like cRPGs but haven't play this, you really owe it to yourself.

Smellvin - 2007-10-30

This game is easily one of the best. Sometimes I wish I could wipe out my memory of it so I could replay it fresh again.

Merzbau - 2007-10-30

I love this game so hard; the only problem with it was the first playthrough where I decided to make my Nameless One into a magic-user. Yeah, BRILLIANT MOVE in a game where the Baldur's Gate interface is zoomed way the hell in- lots more details on characters, lots less range to zap people before they can beat your ass into a reddish smear on the ground. Replaying it right now as a fighter, after god knows how long, and I'm a ways in (the Modron cubes! I got Gold Coins! and A Clue!) and enjoying myself much more.

yoyo1 - 2007-10-31

Yeah, I too tried to play it with a magic user and was utterly disgusted from it after being pwned by rats. Maybe I'll reinstall it one day...

Aelric - 2007-11-01

i never had trouble as a magic user. in fact, it kinda made the most sense to be one, with the whole process of becoming and how it relates to later events.

Pandatronic - 2007-10-30

If you haven't played this game and aren't allergic to reading pages of text in a game, get this game right fucking now by any means necessary.

PROTIP: Max out your Wisdom stat. Trust me, you'll miss out on most of the game if you play with a low Wisdom.

Thatcher Pennywhistle - 2007-10-30

I have never played Planescape, but I am finally convinced that I should.

How do I get a copy?

Pandatronic - 2007-10-30

It's on GameTap, which is a subscription-based service, but other than that you'll have a hard time getting a (legit) copy.

KnowFuture - 2007-10-30

There are used copies on Amazon but you're lookin' at something like 50 bucks for one :(

don piano - 2007-10-30

on the one hand i don't want to encourage you kids to keep submitting video game crap but on the other hand it actually is an extremely well done intro sequence

Pandatronic - 2007-10-30

Says the man whose only submission is a Star Wars joke.

don piano - 2007-10-30

Says one of the faggots who is responsible for the hopper being so broken the only thing I can get through it is a Star Wars joke.

KnowFuture - 2007-10-30

Doesn't Hank Azaria do a voice in this game?

KnowFuture - 2007-10-30

Oops...Dan Castallaneta.

One of the Simpsons people, anyway.

Aelric - 2007-10-31

yeah, but you could miss the character really easily, so not many people actually heard him in it.

Aeschylus - 2007-10-31

Best screenplay... but how does it stack up against Shakespeare?

Smellvin - 2007-11-11


Pacobird - 2007-12-04

There are so, so many reasons to love this game but I want to mention the fact that this is probably the only RPG out there to actually provide you with meaningful party interaction that is entirely optional, and provides great backstory as well as meaningful rewards.

afp3683 - 2009-01-27

I would have chris avellone's gay ass baby.

akinskirage - 2010-01-14

Playing this game again, now in the year 2010, and can confirm it is indeed still the greatest game ever.

Lurchi - 2011-04-10

Fall From Grace was hot.

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