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charmlessman - 2007-11-05

I went to a costume party this year where there was a Christopher Reeve (Me), an Owen Hart, a school shooting victim and a white guy dressed as Flava Flav. This commercial was nothing.

zatojones - 2007-11-05

So you're the obnoxious asshole mentioned in this parody ad?

Camonk - 2007-11-05

Hah hah christopher reeve? That's hilarious because that guy was CRIPPLED. Also, a white guy as Flava Flav? WHAT? Flava Flav isn't WHITE! That's totally crazy!

Frank Rizzo - 2007-11-05

you dressed up as a dead wrestler! wow!!!! can I be your friend? How can I be more like you!?

waxeater - 2007-11-05

Owen Hart? Offensive AND topical!!!

Seriously though, you're an idiot.

Fingasmcgee - 2007-11-05

What about Prince Harry, as a nazi

dr_rock - 2007-11-05


athodyd - 2007-11-05

Boring AND late for halloween.

GoodAaron - 2007-11-06

In it's defense, I'm pretty sure this was in the Hopper several weeks before Halloween.

dr_mr_vandertramps - 2007-11-05

Terribly unfunny.

Udderdude - 2007-11-05

Not even 4chan's /b/ would find this amusing.

ashtar. - 2007-11-05

National lampoon needs to fucking die already.

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