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Desc:Something Awful's original excercise in stupidity.
Category:Horror, Humor
Tags:Something Awful, lowtax, Doom House, Submitted for the sake of history
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Comment count is 11
Spike Jonez
You should "excercise" your spellcheck.
Maggot Brain
What ever happend to the cartoon they were going to make out of this?
Princess v2.1
Terrorist burial camp
Fuck the haters.
Syd Midnight
You just have to ask yourself.. is this better or worse than a Ewe Boll flick?
You don't have to ask that question. The closest thing America has to the auto-de-fe (Celebrity Boxing) already solved that mystery.

Isn't it impressive enough that a sheep can direct a movie in the first place?

So was this like a Light of Courage thing where they shot some idiot's script, or was this just something dumb they did for kicks and felt compelled to share?

Syd Midnight
AFAIK they wrote and filmed it in an hour or 2 and put it up the next day for laffs, and to show how easy it is to get on IMDB.

The sequel, "MOOD HOUSE", is the same script but filmed backwards.

The money of countless goons was used to buy that house in the movie
Monchiles Monchiles
I burned this onto bootleg DVD and made all of my friends watch it.
a gentleman's agreement
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