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Desc:Stephen tells us he's running for President because we face unprecedented challenges
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:stephen colbert, Meet the press, Election 08
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Comment count is 8
Colbert's attempted run demonstrated again that not everyone can become President.

On the Republican side, you have to have tons of money. On the Democratic side, you have to be part of the Beltway establishment. On either side there's no room for a man with perspective and wit.
He wasn't seriously running, he was clowning on the bullshit process


"On the Democratic side, you have to be part of the Beltway establishment."

Uh, Clinton?

Roachbud: So are most of the rest of the field. Difference is that he's intentionally doing it.

Screwtape: Dammit, you did you know this was me? Now I'm going to have to change my screenname again.

I think the second tier and below candidates are pushing an agenda or trying to move their careers up (ie: a VP nomination). Colbert is a comedian and his candidacy needs to be viewed with that in mind.

IrishWhiskey, I don't know what point you think you're making by saying that the guy parodying the election process is doing so intentionally.

Simple: He's intentionally acting like an idiot. The rest of the candidates are unintentionally 'acting' like an idiot. Which would you prefer?

Recumbent bicycles are pretty bad, all right.
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