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Desc:Contains some revealing costumes, so consider yourself warned. From a real game.
Category:Video Games, Pets & Animals
Tags:Japan, vore, SFW Fetish Week, rumble roses
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Comment count is 17
Killer Joe
You can stop after the first one.
But then you miss the "You should be ashamed!" line.

Not sure if its intended for the frog, the developers, or the people playing the game.

Is this one of those things that's supposed to get funnier with repetition?
No, no it gets SEXIER with repetition.

"No, sucks!" How right you are, token American stereotype girl! Also, the blushing helps make it at least 3x as creepy.
is this supposed to be an allegory for fat nerds to sexually assassinate all the hot chicks who've ever laughed them down?
Cap'n Profan!ty
what the hell why is there a magical astrofrog eating inadvisably clothed women who are nevertheless utterly unconvincing and why did someone feel the need to compile all of them being eaten OH GOD THEY'RE FAPPING TO IT
Spit Spingola
Jesus christ.
I played the first one, and this clip is actually lower than par on the embarrassing scale.

Bonus points for the YT consensus that "the frog should have swallowed them and not spit them back out". YEAH! Damn game designers and their non-digesting frog vore attack!
I want more creativity in my vore.
Caminante Nocturno
+1 star for the adorable little twirl all of them seem to do.
So many things had to have gone horribly wrong along the way for this clip to have just shown up on my screen that I don't even want to think about how we got from point A (life before the concepts behind this game existing) to point B (me writing this sentence).
I haven't masturbated this hard since Pan's Labyrinth.
aaaand so on.
but ...why does the frog eat them...

because it's japanese

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