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Desc:Could there be a fetish for something as mundane as breathing? Yep.
Category:Fashion, Horror
Tags:Fetish, SFW Fetish Week, breathing
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D: he looks like some kind of latex silent hill monster

OK, this one wins my vote for "Most Inexplicable Fetish of the Week". The phone at the end just adds a whole new level of surrealism to the thing... what do you suppose they were calling about? What would the person on the other end think if he knew what he was interrupting? Is the phone call part of the fetish? Did mask lady pick up and say "Oh, hey, could I call you back? Give me five minutes, I'm breathing into a hood so random perverts on Youtube can rub a couple out to me"? Was it Quicksand Girl and Wet-jacket Man calling to arrange a SFWFetishWeek After Party? And my God, these are real people, with real social lives.

So many qustions, so few answers.
This is the same one who likes to put on rubber gimp masks... then oil them up on camera.

bang to buck ratio
Worst Nine Inch Nails video ever :(
Best Einstuerzende Neubauten song ever :O

There are lots of gas mask videos on YouTube. Kinda creepy but been around for a long time I guess. At least the breathing fetishes are less creepy than the not-breathing fetishes.

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