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Desc:I don't see him...
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:I dont see him, SHIT!, blurgh, drown, crysis
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Comment count is 14
they can make the still shots look amazing, but...
That is awesome and ridiculous. One thing really impresses me about this game, though, and it's not the graphics: it's the highest difficulty setting, where they don't crank up enemy damage and health, they make stuff more "realistic": they take away your magical HUD crosshair and force you to actually aim down your weapon using whatever aiming guide/crosshair it may have, the Koreans suddenly speak Korean so you can't eavesdrop on them saying "HEY FELLOWS I AM GOING TO GO PATROL OVER HERE ALONE FOR A BIT, 'KAY?", enemy grenades don't glow red and are instead dull-colored chunks of metal that can get lost in the undergrowth, etc, etc. Neat!
That is to say unless you speak Korean, in which case, more power to you. Unless my fondest secret hopes come true and the "Korean" featured ingame is just a crude approximation by a bunch of German voiceactors, which would be FUCKING AWESOME.

Let's hope everyone starts submitting mediocre 3 second video game clips.

That's next week.

That's gonna be an awesome week.

as is the week after that. mass effect and turkey dinner in the same week, don't mind if i do.

by the way, i'm impressed by the level of facial animation here. not really unnecessary for a shooter. if i can see the look of panic on a guy getting tossed over a cliff or sudden realization that a rocket is about to smack him in the face, i can die a happy man.

with a similar expression, of course

Yes, and it will get even more awesome when I start uploading 'Jet Grind Radio' clips for EvilHomer.
Ooooo, low blow! Low blow!!!

If you can find JGR clips that do, in fact, rape my mother, I will five star them. Otherwise, this means war!

JGR clips? I have some dusty old SuperNintendo cartridges with stories to tell, dude. Check The Hopper.

Graphics are amazing, but why is his mouth all pursed?
Caminante Nocturno
I just remembered that I can't swim! Help me!
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