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Desc:A much better song than 'Ninja Rap.'
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:teenage mutant ninja turtles, tmnt, Partners in Kryme
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Comment count is 19
Frank Rizzo
I played the HELL out of this back in the day.
Alfred Shitcock
Raphael is NOT the leader of the group!

But I can't give this less than 5 stars.
I was 11, and this was amazing. Nostalgia ahoy!
I was 8. I was so happy when my mom got me this soundtrack - it was my first Compacted Disk!

This is the early-90s equivalent of a Will Smith movie rap, but what the hell, five stars.
I still know the lyrics to this by heart. :(
As do I. Although, even worse, I was watching this movie with my girlfriend a while back, and found out that I still cry when ghost Splinter gives his speech about how he loves the turtles.

It wasn't my most manly moment.

A pale simulacrum of Bobby Brown's "On Our Own," performed for the Ghostbusters II soundtrack.
I wore out my copy of the soundtrack cassette tape in less than a year. Thanks for posting this. My awkward, 13 year old, nerdy inner child thanks you, too.
Black Gestapo raps about giant turtles who practice martial arts. Truly one of the high points of human history.
This is not just a better song than Ninja Rap. This is a better song than any song you can think of. You know it's true. It's scientific fact.
I like how they could only get 2 of the turtle costumes in the budget for the actual video.
This was all the way at the end of side A on the soundtrack cassette, instead of right at the very beginning and then every point after that. And in those days, fast-forwarding took for fucking EVER.
Caminante Nocturno
"They didn't say they'd be there in half an hour, 'cause they displayed Turtle Power."

Not only was this was my first CD, but I had the distinct pleasure of seeing Parters in Kryme -live- at the West Manchester Mall. I got them to sign my copy of the soundtrack with a silver sharpie. Hello eBay! I also distinctly remember thinking it was really weird that there was no band, just some guy with a record player. Never mind that the show was in a mall in York PA.
Spastic Avenger
I miss the days when rap was about cool stuff like chimaeric reptiles and faux samurai.
The art form really hit its apex with this song, it's true. Sadly, it's also true that all human art forms hit their apex with this song. All culture is just a long slide down from Turtle Power.

I really took these lyrics to heart when I had this tape.

I wish there was a video for Splinter's ballad "Skipping Stones".
I never noticed him before, but what's the deal with the Crispin Glover-alike at 2:20 or so? Is he the other Partner In Kryme?
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