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Desc:Mustachioed band man blames Portland on bad trip.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:court, bands, judge mathis, portland, northwest
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Comment count is 23

The band members and the music is Show Me the Pink. I think it's sort of a pride issue to have it blaring the whole time. The commercial actually ran during the show, so the editor chose to chop it up and insert it .
They fucking suck, dude. The actual Judge Mathis stuff is great, though.

Dinkin Flicka
The editor = Oliver Stone.

Weak-ass idiots from elsewhere in the US can't deal with our awesome weather.
Sudan no1
enjoy your vitamin D deficiency

-3 for the music, +1 for the antidepressant ad

Enjoy your skin cancer.

So that's what's wrong with glasseye.

Frank Rizzo
-1 for 5 starring your own video

+1 for "mustachioed"


Dear Frank Rizzo,

You may not realize that the point of the ratings system is to rate the "video clips" located in the box-shaped area above the comments tree. I realize that this might come off as somewhat confusing, since as you are reading the comments you are experiencing a variety of words and stars in your thought-space, enough perhaps to bedazzle the very mind itself in a tempest of ratings and concepts, a constellation of positives and negatives funneling down into the quantum singularity of a realized, solidified comment post.

You may count yourself among legends such as SolRo who care that I have rated "my own video" five stars. This is a badge you should wear with pride. Remember that even after you have retired from the army you are still a general for life.

Frank Rizzo

-1 for 5 starring your own video
Holy shit. Now that I've actually watched the video, I'm sorry I didn't give it five. This is a work of pure beauty.

-1 for the Ads by Google
Dawson's Creek heh heh
+5 for the part about Dawson's Creek
Angel Carver
+1 for Mathis' first pronunciation: "Dowson's Creek."

-1 for all these assholes complaining about you 5 starring your own video.
The cuts and annoying music made it difficult to follow.
This would have been way better without the shitty music.
Mathis showed a lot of restraint for not bursting out laughing at the poster. I also like his use of the term dope fiend.
+ 5 for judge Mathis.
bang to buck ratio
Dinkin Flicka
Sound Judgment.

That was surreal, but Judge Mathis, the sassiest judge on TV, always gets five stars from this guy.
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