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Desc:Or at the very least, yell 'INCOMING!!'
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Humor
Tags:juggling, Ouch, schadenfreude, bowling ball
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Comment count is 31
citrusmirakel - 2007-11-06
"Toddler Gets Kicked By Breakdancer" was, of course, great - but this kid got fucking ruined.
Bone_Vulture - 2007-11-06
In Soviet Russia... oh, fuck it. That looks just too damn painful.
EvilHomer - 2007-11-06


I don't even know how to rate this video. This was the first time I've ever felt bad for someone getting injured online. I think it's the CRACK that does it.
Smellvin - 2007-11-06
Don't feel too bad. It's probably fake.

EvilHomer - 2007-11-06
Possibly. I haven't had the pleasure of hearing a small child's skull get nailed by a bowling ball before, so I've got no real way of measuring it. But fake or not, that hurts to watch.

zatojones - 2007-11-06
that ain't funny
jihadbaby - 2007-11-06
Pardon me, kind sir, but I beg to differ.

Billy Buttsex - 2007-11-06
No... it's not funny.

Brautwurst_Barbarian - 2007-11-06
This isn't funny.


j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-06-20
This video was travelling at Funny +9. It's an experimental test video designed to reach the upper limits of the Funny Barrier in order to test man's ability to withstand extreme LOL-Forces. In fact, it went by at such a hilarious velocity that the Funny Boom only caught up with the 1-star folks three seconds after they rated it.

Aelric - 2007-11-06
this don't smell real. those balls just looked a bit light.
remag2117 - 2007-11-06
Ah, denial. The first defense mechanism of the human psyche when confronted with a reality initially to difficult to bear.

Frankly, nothing about this strikes me as fake. Not the stunned reaction of the juggler when he sees the child fall to the floor. Not the total absense of the mother until her child was in peril. Not even the audacity of the filmer to put up the film on youtube.

All seems pretty real to me.

Aelric - 2007-11-06
the kid was moving afterwards, starting to get up. bowling ball to the soft spot = death or brain damage to the point where you probably don't remember how to get up, not to mention a lack of wanting to.

it may be real, i'm just saying that maybe it ain't.

boba. - 2007-11-06
it looks like it clipped him, like he didn't get hit full on, which is why he wasn't totally crushed

Hooper_X - 2007-11-06



That's one of the few things I've seen on here that's left me utterly speechless.
garcet71283 - 2007-11-07
Exactly what went through my head...

Scynne - 2007-11-06
Aelric - 2007-11-06
in soviet russia, ball bowls you
glasseye - 2007-11-06
Caminante Nocturno - 2007-11-06
Anybody interested in buying a bridge?
jihadbaby - 2007-11-06
I'm sure he impressed the hot chick.
bang to buck ratio - 2007-11-06
This is just extremely terrible.
A Jumping Spider! - 2007-11-06
It looks more like he just slid and fell, and the stray bowling ball was put in afterward.

Dude might've been juggling those lighter bowling balls they keep around for children.
coprolalia - 2007-11-06


Youtube, enlightening as ever: "how come the kids head didnt explode?"
Blaise - 2007-11-06
I suppose if juggling bowling balls was a common occurrence this video would have some redeeming value as a PSA.

I give it one star for the off chance any budding bowling-ball jugglers out there might reconsider practicing on the bowling lane.

Otherwise no redeeming value, not a shred of irony.

Kingofthehobos - 2007-11-07
"hey girls look at me i am trendy and different... oops a lifetime of guilt"

If you look at the frames towards the end of the 0.18 mark the bowling ball disappears during one of them
ztc - 2007-11-07
Yeah, you can see it change trajectory in mid-air.

I bet Satan did it.

Alfred Shitcock - 2007-11-07
Shouldn't you yell "SteeeeeeeeeeeRIKE!"
coprolalia - 2007-11-10
This is a fake. Part of a series, actually.
Now that I know this, I really like what they're saying here. Goddamn is it still disturbing, though.

Big Beef Burritos Supreme - 2008-02-07
Thank god it's fake - still too nasty to watch, though.

yoyo1 - 2007-11-13
In russia everybody's drunk after 7 pm, including children.
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