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Angel Carver - 2007-11-07

I am so grateful for this. You picked the BEST scene from this (GREAT) movie!

Billy Buttsex - 2007-11-07

THIS movie? How about ANY movie! Tony Danza + Orangutans + dancing = SUPERIOR MOVIE SCENE

All they need are zombies or satan or Mario Van Peebles and this is perfect.

Thatcher Pennywhistle - 2007-11-07

+1 for the Rothko poster. I miss the days where comedy meant adding some orangutans.

Camonk - 2007-11-07

Yeah whatever happened to movies with apes?

takewithfood - 2007-11-07

Oh, Vince Vaughn is still making movies.


Billy Buttsex - 2007-11-07

I was gonna say Sarah Jessica Parker, but whatevs

zatojones - 2007-11-07

a pretender to the Every Which Way But Loose throne

juiceboxtheeverliving - 2007-11-07

why would he want to stop his dance?

Xiphias - 2007-11-07

Dude, that ape is messing with the stove! He's gonna start a fire!

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