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Desc:Chadwarden continues to defend the PS-triple. (NSFW language)
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:ps3, Mexican, For The Haters Week, pstriple, chadwarden
Submitted:Sudan no1
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Comment count is 21
Princess v2.1
I ain't tryin to play no game as some mexican azz nigga who just jumped ova tha borda fixin peoples toilets an shit
So deliciously punchable!
I live next door to this guy, or a close approximation thereof. We share an air conditioning vent.

It is unpleasant.
H-Town? ... this thing was sprung from the loins of Houston? Somehow I'm not surprised.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Would you kindly kick his ass for us?

He and his roommates once had a very vocal and spirited 45 minute argument about which of them, if they started going to the gym right now, could get more "cut" the fastest. It then escalated into a push up contest.

This was at 4AM.

When I asked them through the vent to kindly STFU, I received the reply, "Awright nigga, geez, no need for that at'tude main."

someone please get some real NIGGAZ together and beat this fool into the middle of next week.
with that little twink of link going like *heeee* *heeeee* *heeeeee* *heeeee*
Baallllin niggaz with my Pee ess Tripel and shit.
suck my big nigga ballz nigga

I thought I remember reading somewhere that this guy was was making all these videos to troll people. And doing so brilliantly.
How many webcam blogs before POEtv goes from laughing at dumb youtubers to flat out becoming youtube?
Princess v2.1
You guys know he's a troll, right? Some cats from gamefags tracked down his ebay acount (which he promptly closed afterwards), his last purchase was a memory card for Gamecube.
Old news.

But still 5 stars because of how many people got mad at him for this.
Haters week can't be over soon enough.
This video cost him a reality Tv series on A&e
Considering the goal of trolling is to make as many people as possible as angry as possible, this guy is pretty much the most brilliant troll ever.

Still, troll or not, I want to choke him.
Is Chadwarden the new "Cousin Pete"?
Princess v2.1
Part 1


Chadwarden is a feral child who was raised and learned to communicate only by MTV and a single ghetto rap CD.
Just like 90% of the people who play Halo3 multiplayer it seems.

Spastic Avenger
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