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Desc:Ron lip synches to 'Gimme More'.
Category:Humor, Fashion
Tags:Ron Jeremy, Britney Spears, moustache, fishnets
Submitted:Dr Dim
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Rodents of Unusual Size
A truly memorable comeback.
Why do I get the feeling that somewhere, someone is watching this and masturbating furiously?
Because they are.

Calamity Jon
Hi there! I am your feeling!

Q: what's worse than Britney Spears herself?

A: a nation of supposed "Britney hating" masochists, who end up making / watching more Brit-themed material than the fading starlet herself.

(Hollywood is the new Aztec 'alter of blood' -- where rife, family-friendly "virgins" to the scene, are whored up, ritualistically gang-raped, and culturally beheaded for the sadistic nourishment of the populace.)
Calamity Jon
I bet your zine is AWESOME!


flu please post a link to your blog.

you are a boring twat

B. Weed
Q: what's worse than Britney Spears herself?

A: A boring twat who feels he has to lecture everybody on what is or isn't good enough.

I kind of like that virgin sacrifice analogy, though

They have similar body shape
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