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Desc:It's surprising that it doesn't happen more frequently.
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:fuck, jeopardy, trebek, portman
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Comment count is 19
Dinky Patterson
Was that Stephen Colbert as a teenager?
Midnight Man
The best part of teen jeopardy is the weirdo shut in kids who get all the academic trivia right but are at a complete loss for the pop culture soft balls.

I mean really, Kidman? In Star Wars?
What nerd doesn't know Star Wars cast and crew lists by heart? That fucker's a poser nerd.

i bet he's really the quarterback and has fucked every cheerleader in the entire district. you know what those football players will do to fit in.

If I could say "Ah fuck" to Alex Trebek, I would be the happiest boy alive.
You can say it to your tv set nightly, fister. I know it's not quite the same, but still.

Wow, Napoleon Dynamite is supposed to NEVER curse! He must have been stressed.
Oh, sorry everyone. Pardon me.
I mean What Is "Ah, Fuck?"
Someone should say fuck shit cunt fucking shit cunt fuck bitch whore cunt
Man, imagine if he did that and Alex asked you to bounce him. IT WOULD BE LIKE THE ULTIMATE CONFLICT FOR YOU

shut the fuck up, they don't have bouncers on Jeopardy, at best they have security guards with sports jackets

I'm a security guard with a sports jacket.

security guard with a sports jacket-poet-philosopher

5 Stars for the wannabe security-guards-with-a-sports-jacket who aren't even in the video.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Security guards with jackets are cool.

Aubrey McFate
I picture Roachbud talking like the Powerthirst announcer ALL DAY

Or rather, a voice-changing 16 year old boy's impression of the Powerthirst announcer; only 16 year old boys can be that fucking HARD. Hey Roachbud, who won the latest WWE event?

no idea, I'm 23 and my voice is deep, but I prefer a big stick

and a sports jacket maybe

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