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Desc:Brown haired guy who isn't Steve Doocy might have some deep seated issues
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:fox news, Halloween, brown haired guy that isnt Steve Doocy, Eddie Munster, Barbara Eden
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helicopter cats
That morning show on Fox News is my favorite show on TV right now. My past favorites include Amazing Discoveries!, Zalman King's Red Shoe Diaries, Pastor Robert Tilton's Success 'N' Life and USA Up All Night.
This is even funnier when you know that EVERY DAY there's something on Fox News that can be made fun of like this.
Caminante Nocturno
Does Fox just cruise Livejournal for their hosts?
Back then were the "good old times" and I Dream of Genie "traumatized" him.

Since these people called Mr Rogers an evil commie, nothing surprises me any more.

ok, seriously: people have got to stop posting Daily Show clips - despite Jon being a college hipster's gay-but-ok wet dream.

In fact, Jon is SO funny that he's got his own show on a major network, that typically airs new content 4 nights a week. Thus, eliminating the need to upload gratuitous content to POEtv


shut up.

I'm not a big enough fan to watch The Daily Show every night, but I enjoy the clips... keep 'em coming, as far as I'm concerned.

You keep telling us what we can post, yet you haven't posted anything yourself. Go away.

B. Weed
gotter: I was wondering when anyone else would get around to noticing that.

Despite being a "hypocrite" for not posting videos, I still remain adamant that clips of the Daily Show shouldn't be displayed, simply because it's so mainstream and over-played as it is.

I'm a massive fan of both Jon and Stephen, but I get enough of them on regular TV -- which is what POEtv runs the risk of becoming when people routinely upload "yesterday's favourite" episode, rather than attempting to scour the net for something worthwhile.

Putting Daily Show clips on POEtv -- an archive of the most surreal, the most ridiculous, and generally the best videos the web has to offer -- is a major cop out, and only serves to bland-down the overall uniqueness of POEtv; knocking it one place below ebaumsworld for originality, god forbid.

helicopter cats
You can't make up your own posting criteria then blame people for not meeting them.

The Daily Show just recently started legally releasing streaming clips from their show and people are a little giddy with being able to share links that won't disappear in 10 minutes. Just relax until the novelty has worn off.

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Sounds about right.

By merely looking at your voting history, I think I can soundly conclude that you're a worthless human by pretty much any conceivable measure. Fall in a hole.

I love Jon and don't have cable so shut your fat face.

this is funny and I didn't see it on tv, so shut up
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