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Desc:Kathie Lee (Jan Hooks) sings to a monkey
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Evolution, Jesus, dana carvey, monkey, Pat Buchanan
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Comment count is 12
Xenocide - 2007-11-24
Leave the poor monkey alone, you bitch.
Smellvin - 2007-11-24
Of course she didn't evolve from that monkey. They both evolved from a common ancestor that is now extinct.
Hooker - 2007-11-24
Okay. You do realize that this is satire, right?

coprolalia - 2007-11-24
So who else ever had to sing anti-evolution songs as a kid?
Randroid - 2007-11-24
It's really up to the state to decide whether we should allow school musicals in blackface,singing about monkeys, octaroons and dinosaur DNA transmutation. Vote Ron Paul, etc

EvilHomer - 2007-11-25
If my children don't get to sing in blackface, then the terrorists have already won.

Caminante Nocturno - 2007-11-24
That poor, confused monkey.
yeahjim - 2007-11-24
First a poop joke, then a penis joke? Sold!
zatojones - 2007-11-24
I know for a fact that Kathy Lee eats her own feces
Aelric - 2007-11-24
Christian celebrities week!! DO IT!
oswaldtheluckyrabbit - 2007-11-24
This isn't SNL, it's the Dana Carvey Show
boner - 2007-11-24

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