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Desc:Pretty accurate.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:saturday night live, sprockets, dieter, mike myers
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i am a whore
doc duodenum
I am a nun.


Dude, is that Kyle MacLachlan?

i remember my classmates being offended and confused by my whorenun jokes back in elementary school. uncultured swine

So is it me or is agent Nein from psychonauts based on this guest?
Holy shit, I think you're right on the money.

ants ants antsi found a tramp's body on a walk through the woods once, luckily it was ant free and i escaped psychological trauma
Hugo Gorilla
It's a dupe, but damn is it a good clip.
yeah it's a dupe, but I had forgotten I even submitted it and this makes me happy. Whatever happened to that Mike Myers guy anyway?

There are not enough stars for Kyle McLachlan's little dance. This is a manufacturing defect that must be corrected immediately.
"I am so full of anticipation that my genitals have sucked up into my body cavity."
The McK
My roommate and I use "You are beautiful and angular, and if you were a gas you would be inert" whenever conversation lags.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Hello, Exclamation Point. I have always wanted to make love to a woman with punctuational nomenclature".
Just think what's gonna happen to the minds of today's youth when they see this clip and realize that SNL used to be really funny.
This is the comment my parents use about the first cast. Apparently which ever cast was the first you watched is the "best" one.

so... you mean david spade and adam sandler?

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