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Desc:An eagle once tried to steal my dog, too. True story.
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:goat, eagle, nature is a cruel mistress, rape means to forcibly snatch, goat abuse week
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Comment count is 19
Jeff Fries
The bird is right, nothing without wings should be up that high
is it Death from Above to Goats week?
Calamity Jon
Here, AND in real life!

The music sounds like what you'd hear during a scene from a 70's made-for-TV horror movie, like when somebody's poking around a spooky old house and doesn't notice something sinister lurking in the background.
Caminante Nocturno
This is somewhat related to why parents started putting leashes and harnesses on their toddlers.
Ahriman the Creepy Lurker
Damn, I had no idea an eagle could carry that much weight.
Eagles are sneaky birds!
Stupid bird! That's no vole!
Beyonce Knowles
5 for the music
Shouldn't even be possible. I mean physics and shit.
Jeff Fries
If you grip something by the neck, you can lift it up as high as you want.

Notice it was flying down most of the way.

Syd Midnight
Now we know what animal Ernst Rudel, the Stuka Ace reincarnated into.
off they go
Pie Boy
Just introduce eagles into the Galapagos Islands and you won't need goat snipers anymore.
Life imitates a joke on the Simpsons.
I dont mean to be a dick but, dupe?

I seem to remember a much longer version of this.
are we talking about an African eagle or a European eagle?
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