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Desc:We love the interent, and we can prove it.
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:Internet, save the internet, neternet, OH GOD MY EYES
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Comment count is 23
does it make me a bad person when I say that i don't really have a problem for most of these internet joke personalities because they usually have a dark bleakness behind their eyes that suggests they know damn well why they've achieved any modicum of relevance, and it's slowly eating them away from the inside? but that I genuinely hate the sweater lady because she seems to be actively, boisterously enjoying every minute of her ill-gotten fame, when she should be falling back into a lonely, pathetic obscurity?

No, it's the other way around.

Midnight Man

Go for fuck yourself

You have my 3, good sir.

Actually, I think you're pretty much right.

I have a soft spot for these old internet celebs I guess. From the East Coast, to the West Coast, Down the Dixie Highway, back hoooooome this is our countryyyyyyy
So...is this supposed to make me support or oppose net neutrality?
Andy Warhol's future has come to pass.

I think this is like, a triple dupe. I could be wrong.

Either way, this is terrible. In both the "whoa!" and the "oh, fuck." ways.
I submitted this a couple of months ago, it got +10 or so in the Hopper and then vanished... Luckily there's always somebody to resubmit!

Doctor Arcane
I don't even recognize the woman. What is she from?
the internet, duh.

please save the internet from people who want to install more cables
Needs way more internet celebrities. Where's the I Kiss You guy, the Numa Numa kid, star wars kid, etc etc etc? If you're going to do this, go all out.
Frank Rizzo
that opening image must be the last thing a pie sees
Where's Seanbaby?
Frank Rizzo
he killed himself years ago

Bunch of haters... that's Leslie from Leslie and the Lys, and she kicks ass.
Frank Rizzo
kicks ass at pie eating contests.

Mike Tyson?!
The Tron Suit Guy sounds EXACTLY like how I imagined he did.
That's pretty bottom of the barrel, even by internet star standards.
Internet B-list is sad.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Repellent. Yet I couldn't turn away. Ow.
Rodents of Unusual Size
By the way, watching this makes me want to destroy the Internet. Mission accomplished, asshat.

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