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Desc:He had to leave it out of Sicko because nobody would believe it.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:happy, norway, Moore, Scandinavia, Make-believe land
Submitted:The God of Biscuits
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Comment count is 33
This is obviously fake. No country could possibly have a better healthcare system than ours, because we are the most capitalist and intelligent. Any people without healthcare are simply too lazy to get a job with decent benefits. Micheal Moore = Terrorist. 9/11.

Four years on paradise island for cutting up people with a chainsaw. That sounds reasonable.


That did not help. The recidivism statistics quoted in that article do not put my mind at ease when considering a man who cuts up people with chainsaws.

Syd Midnight
Well tell me this, have you ever TRIED rehabilitating a chainsaw killer with hugs and support? It works!

Well, in fairness, it's not like every prisoner who goes to prison in Norway ends up in Bastoy: It's reserved for prisoners who have demonstrated that they can be reformed.

The prisoners who either didn't demonstrate model behavior or haven't served enough of their sentence usually stay in more conventional prisons. Hence why you don't see any black metal vocalists in this video.

Midnight Man
One of the nicest guys I ever met shot his grandmother in the face with a rifle.

Also you're missing that the guy said he served THERE for 4 years. It was probably only a portion of his sentence. Prisoners that show promise of rehabilitation get moved to lower security prisons all the time.

Scandinavia has always been my long standing exit strategy
Same here. You first need a work visa; shouldn't be hard to find a job, just check online Norwegian classifieds. They'll pay for your language courses (required for citizenship as of 2005). Beyond that, you just have to keep a job for a few years, not commit any crimes, and you're a Norwegian citizen. It can be done!

No. No way. You are jyust trying to trick me into taking that as a serious career/live move.

No fucking way.

Fuck you, Norway
Stuff you never learn about in school: Countries better than ours.
The live leak community is gravely concerned about "no blacks" apperently.

But man, if the US economy busts, I know where I'm moving

Syd Midnight
Depressing. I bet that they'd really hate it if filthy immigrant Americans shat up their paradise by wasting taxes and taking their jobs, so I'd have to sneak in and do menial labor and be glad I don't hate Mexicans because oh the irony
Norwegians heat their homes with sewage? I thought they had plenty of whale blubber to burn.
You can't burn your only edible object, silly.

I love you, Norway!
Goofy Gorilla
The classic Moore trick: put two things together and we'll assume a causal connection. Let's take a country that is admittedly awesome, Norway, and we'll assume that Norwegian politics will work equally well in the US. Never mind that the population of Norway is incredibly different than that of the US in every way; notably, the US is much more diverse racially, economically, geographically, culturally, and politically than that small, isolated Scandinavian country. We might as well compare New England with the rest of the US, saving that New England is larger, richer, and more diverse than Norway. Either way the comparison would be naive and stupid.

Not that I'm really all that opposed to nationalized health care, but Moore's contempt for journalism is quite offensive. This, to me, is as boring and ineffectual as any of the stupid O'Reilly clips that float around.

Lastly, my outrage at this clip doesn't make this clip important. I don't hate Moore: he's an opportunist and a sleazy one at that. That makes him pretty squarely an American. I am offended when the worst of his unarguably shoddy work is presented as something we should take note of.
Goofy Gorilla
Ah just shoot me to death. I'm obviously missing the point here and am still just being angry at Les Glaneurs et la Glaneuse Oscar snub.

Michael Moore needs to learn about how systems scale

Rape Ape
Moreover, isn't Norway ridiculously rich off oil?

I don't get it.

England, France, Germany, Japan, all these countries and more have national health care systems.

Why does the US having more "racial diversity" somehow mean we can't afford a decent healthcare system? We train the worlds Doctors and build cutting edge equipment, but we somehow can't keep them both here? We have the cash for multiple simultaneous occupations of major countries but can't afford to keep people from dying of preventable diseases?

Caminante Nocturno
You know, now that I think about it, I am starting to get sick of this place.
I want to go THERE when I die!
More like SNOREWAY.

There used to be Red Hots for the blood but I ates them!

Rodents of Unusual Size
Everytime I see anything on Scandanavia it's like looking at an alternate universe. And we all have goatees.
My state has 18 times the population of Norway. My town has half the population of Norway on its own.

Norway is beautiful, and is one of my favorite countries to visit, but am I really supposed to be surprised that things are different with that kind of population gap?
You live in the richest country in the world.

Not a single black metal-related murder in this seven minute clip?

This can't possibly be Norway.
Dinkin Flicka
You only see what the fat fuck wants you to see

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