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Desc:Still without maiming. Wait for the end.
Category:Pets & Animals, Nature & Places
Tags:baby, Rottweiler, albino honky buddha, too adorable
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Comment count is 15
Caminante Nocturno
That's not a cat. -1 star.
cats are repulsive, ignorant animals, best served up by some stereotype celebrating his backwards holiday.

To think somebody would trust a cat - the gypsies of the animal kingdom - into their home is beyond me; probably because they're all deplorable gaytards, and a cat's the only animal capable of surviving being shoved up their owner's barren uterus for "credit" of their weak, collapsible bodies.

5 stars for the dogs

Syd Midnight
You don't trust a cat. You hire a cat.

Doggies are better than kitties, you fag!

B. Weed
theFlu: funny how you can find time to cough up a big wad of santorum here but none to actually, y'know, submit some funny dog videos.

YouTube video search: FUNNY DOGS AUTISM

to the attention of theFlu: The only repulsive, ignorant animal here is you. That said, this still gets five stars because dogs are awesome. Especially well-mannered rottweilers.

Babies and dogs are both disgusting creatures.
This is by far the most disgustingly cute thing I've seen this month. 5 stars for the vid and the buddha tag.
Dogz iz gud 'n catz iz nawt
I like both dogs and cats, and that is a very good dog. Also, an extremely white baby.
Not enough cute babbling
The dog is trying to put the strip of fabric in the baby's hands (maybe to play tug-of-war? Or just because the baby's been reaching for it?)

A billion stars.
i don't like babies, but i can tell when they're having fun.
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