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Desc:Guy freaks at judge's decision
Tags:fight, brawl, Courtroom, 2nd Amendment, Nevada
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Comment count is 39
The Republican base in action!
They should add "morons" on the list of people who aren't allowed to own guns, right next to felons.

I really want to know what he was convicted for.

I mean arrested for.

From the sound of it, he left his guns lying around and someone's kids (probabally his) decided to play with them. Hilarity did not ensue.

The story seems to be that the guy, Geoffrey Wells, owns a lot of guns and had a bad habit of leaving them loaded and lying around his house. He was in the middle of a divorce and had been told by the judge to lock his guns up while his kids were over, but he obviously didn't listen because one day his 12 year old son Syber (good Lord) got his hands on a shotgun and killed himself. Even this didn't lead Wells to believe that leaving loaded guns around a house full of kids was a bad idea, so here he is flipping out when a judge tells him differently.


What a piece of shit.

Oh, and his sentence was suspended so he only got probation.

He's not allowed to own guns anymore, but somehow I doubt that'll stop him.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I hope he gets hit by a truck. A truck carrying guns.

I don't see why he should get in trouble. if you shoot yourself at 12, it was no one's fault but your own. really if you shoot yourself at any age. I've never shot a gun in my life, but I always knew what happened when you pulled the trigger. What's the point of locking your gun up? The whole reason to own one would be protection, but how could you protect shit when it's unloaded and locked in a safe or some shit. Fuck stupid kids shooting themselves.

Rape Van Winkle
Juice box is actually right.

I thought Jeff was about to out wrestle some cops for a sec there...
He didn't even really need a gun, did he? Unless of course he had need to protect himself and his family from an unruly gang consisting of more than 8 bailiffs.
Uh, looks to me like the deputies won.

If he really lost his kid to his guns, it makes me wonder what he wants to protect so badly. Was he cornholed in his youth?

He needed guns to protect his guns.

Well that red neck sure did put up a nice fight against the donut crowd. I'd have maced him. Or flailed.
I like people whose brain works like this.

"Relax and listen to her."

See? Now there's a time when a taser would've been warranted.
Geoff Marr
Don't taze me bro

reminds me of dad
Jeffrey you idiot you were about to be set freeee!!
I like the lawyer on the right, who thinks about getting into the fight, then sees him throwing around 5 or so deputies and thinks the better of it.
Will someone PLEASE pry the gun from his cold, dead hands? I think this guy would be dangerous as a corpse.
But...but violence never let me down before!
Surely this will make up for the death of my son!

Caminante Nocturno
I really want to complain about how damaged our culture is that it breeds people like this, but I can't because I found this video so entertaining.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
What, no taser this time?
Spider Jerusalem
So is head-in-hands lady his mother?
I think so. Can't imagine who else it would be.

Dinky Patterson
You're a kid, Geoffrey. You're just a kid.
Please add a "Geoffrey, Stop!" tag.
I like how the audio is so compressed at the end, it sounds like androids talking.
Jeff Fries
Code four, we are out of bailiffs, over.
j lzrd / swift idiot

Five, because sometimes, all it takes is a condescending judge to turn an already broken, damaged man whos own kid (Syber, LOL) was stupid enough to look down the business end of a gun and pull the trigger, into a whirlwind of fury, anger, and misplaced rage.

You have to admit, lasting as long as he did was pretty impressive, out of the context of what he was in court about.
Nyms Lives!
Nobody is commenting on the best part... Lawyer Longhair got to fulfill his life long dream of touching bailiff ass without consequence. And I think we all can learn a lesson from that.

Code 4 stars!
Guys like that need to be dog-piled by cops more frequently.
Slim Jim
epic FLAIL
The Townleybomb
+1 for this guy's Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/machinegunalpha
Las Vegas locals are a strange breed.

The thing is, that kid knew what he was doing, but because a gun was involved, someone had to be blamed. He even says on his myspace that his son commit suicide.

A friend of mine was shot and killed by an 18-year-old PLAYING with a WWII rifle that was on display in his home. He thought that it was unloaded, but was it? Nope.

I understand about keeping a loaded gun in your home. If you are going to keep them around kids though, then you need to teach them gun safety. My boyfriend owns 12 rifles, and he has me trained that even if I know a gun isn't loaded, I check 3 times before I handle it. His 13-year-old sister can strip an AK 47 and reassemble it. It's not guns that are the safety problem, it's people that are a safety problem.

Kay, I'll get off of my soap box now.

P.S. That court room needed a larger audience.
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