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Desc:God rings his humble servant with a message: Vote Bush!
Category:Religious, News & Politics
Tags:God, Mike Huckabee, GOP, pandering, Republican humor
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Comment count is 23
Wow, I just realized that the beginning of his name is almost like Mike Hunt.
Thou shalt not take the Lords name in vain political stunts
I have some kind of deep hope that some bastard just called him and made all of this up. It was like he truly accomplished anything. That or it actually was God making him look like a dip shit.

Mike Huckabee, governor of Alaska.
Dinky Patterson
It didn't really work in Dead Poets Society, either.
God wants you to "take care" of marriage, if you know what He means.
Hugo Gorilla
You think Democratic pundits got to spin this as insulting and cynical pandering to the GOP base before the Republican pundits spun that anyone finding fault in this stunt is a bible-bashing monster?

wtf japan
God is totally in my top 5. Unfortunately He takes up three slots.
Cap'n Profan!ty
Isn't there something about "bearing false witness" in that book of his?
Nah, that part is for Jews.

Leave Ceasar's unto Caesar, you deflated bitch.
http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/story/17324246/matt_taibb i_on_mike_huckabee_our_favorite_rightwing_nut_job
Billy Buttsex
Incredibly informative. Thank you, Roachbud

Aubrey McFate
Roachbud, this is the greatest post ever by you.
I would gladly be bounced by the likes of you.

I haven't considered myself a Christian for about ten years, but somehow this still managed to offend the hell out of that awkward teenager somewhere inside of me who used to believe in deity.

Also, God likes to be called "Sir."
When he said that God had an important message for everyone, for half a second, I expected him to hold down the phone and go "LIVE FROM NEW YORK IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT!"
Awww, man. Mike probably had this whole big speech written out, and look what happens: by the time God finally shuts up and lets him get off the phone, his time is up and he has to leave the stage.

God can be such a dick sometimes.
bang to buck ratio
God keeps interrupting him. Shh, God!
Aubrey McFate
He took a one-minute joke and stretched it to awkward levels. Not good public speaking.
God-dammit, America. Just...fuckin' hell.
Oh yeah, GOD also says we should start getting ready to suck the Mommy Party's dick come 2009.
God doesn't seem to have a lot to say about all those darkies in East Jabib we've been blowing up

Thank God he was shot down by Republicans who actually wanted to vote for God's Chosen Guy but voted for McCain for his electability instead!
God has everybody's number? BWAHAHAHA GET IT?!
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