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Desc:It made them completely unaware of his oversize stomach and floppy breasts
Tags:Fat kid, onion, fatass, doublewide, butterball
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I think this one presses down on the razor's edge a little too hard :/
I don't understand why some people dislike the Onion so much
Herr Matthias
When the Onion is good, it's balls-out brilliant. It's just that the other 95% of the time, it's "Area Man Has Everyday Activity Reported On Newspaper-Style", "Poke Fun At Things Humor Publications With Any Sense of Decency Never Would", and "Get Cheap Laughs by Playing To Our Hipster Audience's Social Prejudices".

Anyway, five stars just because I have no idea how they got an actual fat kid to agree to be on this.

As a highly prejudiced hipster with no sense of decency, I have to agree with you, theFlu. Why people hate on the Onion is one of those things I'll never understand- like why people hate on Family Guy, or the Angry Video Game Nerd.

Because it's not nearly as funny as college students discovering satire for the first time think it is. It's more useful as an archive of failed premises and terrible executions of decent premises.

The onion hipster factor got really bad when they all moved to New York.

Jeff Fries

Grace Mugabe
Because it isn't funny.

Torture the Artist
I really, really wish whoever said the word "hipster" around you retards would have gone ahead and told you what it meant.

Urkel Forever
It probably means you, TA.

Torture the Artist
That's probably it, yeah.

5 stars for unflinching fat kid cruelty.
Yeah, what the hell.

5 for the kid's expression at the very end.
Fat since birth
Rodents of Unusual Size
Five stars because this kid is awesome.
The Morning Show format ones always seem to be handled by the B team.
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