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Desc:Counter-Strike players are actually like this
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:boom headshot, fps doug, pure pwnage
Submitted:Doctor Arcane
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Comment count is 18

god damn it.
Doctor Arcane
If yo don't stop complaining, I'll post some videos of people playing video games while juggling.


+1 star for complaining

Ahh yes, the CS douche bag. Closely related to the frat boy, only twitchier and less likely to see members of the female gender.
Doctor Arcane
I work with two CS playing ex-fratboys. Sigh.

Monchiles Monchiles
YES!!!!! I've never wanted to six star something so bad my whole life.
This guy is the spitting image of my best friend from highschool.
Herr Matthias
Five just for me finally figuring out where the hell that YTMND soundbite came from.
I had a roomate who was exactly like this. He eventually had a nervous breakdown and had to move back in with his mother, though I think a great deal of his anxiety came from the inability to acknowledge that he was gay.
Having played Counter-Strike for years, I can verify that Counter-Strike players are actually like this.
Thatcher Pennywhistle
classic, fricken classic
CS is a great game, but it can attract some players from what I call the "Halo halo." Actually I just made that up is it clever? I can't tell. I'm gonna go with no.
+ 1 for concept...I guess
I wish I could get that excited about anything... ever.
Frank Rizzo
it OWNS!!!!!

wow, the ending is awesome.
Five stars for giving me a forum in which to say CS is the worst motherfucking game ever made.

oh and also a funny video
"No respawn in RL," that almost made me gag on my laughter...
Good execution of a pretty stale topic.
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