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Desc:Rankin/Bass f*ck Christmas and L. Frank Baum with a spiny dildo. Guest starring Moondog!
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:santa, stop-motion, rankin bass, YOU...SHALL...NOT...oh he said something different
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Comment count is 13
The three-eyed ogre wearing a fez represents Yuletide cheer and the lizard-wizard is THE BABY JESUS
i have a feeling i need a wiccan to translate for me.
wtf japan
That's the most, uh, "laid-back" epic battle sequence I've ever seen.
The Great Hippo
"We will do as we please with this... CLAUS."

Also, Trogdor at -2:03. Seriously though, I don't know whether to be terrified at the sheer fetishistic treatment of Christmas or actually kind of enamored with the balls-out crazy direction they took it. I can say that I remember seeing this as a kid, and back then, it was TOTALLY AWESOME. Like a watered down Lord of the Rings.
Why the fuck is there a lion in the North Pole, polar bears aren't fierce enough?
laser axe
Caminante Nocturno
I remember this, and I thought it was totally awesome when I was a kid. I always wanted them to show this one instead of the lame misfit toys crap one more time.
I was only looking for a funny video, and instead I found the TRUE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS ...
Wow, a Rankin Bass clip that I don't hate with every fiber of my being.
*turns into beautiful flower...then wilts*
B. Weed
(late to the party)

The Ogre King is voiced by Panthro!
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