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Desc:A man had the hemispheres of his brain severed. Things got weird.
Category:Science & Technology, Educational
Tags:brains, split brain, hemispheres, neurology, Brain Disorder Week
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Comment count is 29
NineEleven - 2007-12-04
Saw hammer
Crucifried - 2007-12-04
So fucking cool
Mike Tyson?! - 2007-12-04
This creeps me out and makes me scared. I am worried this will suddenly happen to me.
fluffy - 2007-12-04
I'd like to see some case studies about how this affects musicians.

Xiphias - 2007-12-04
Find some musicans and then try it out yourself!

There are not a lot of split-brain people running around out there, you're going to have to make your own.

fluffy - 2007-12-05
Well, I'm a musician, but I'm not about to step up to the plate on this. (And anyway I'm not epileptic.)

There needs to be some sort of registry of epileptic guitar players so that we can convince one of them to go through this procedure. Guitar (especially classical) seems like it'd be the instrument that would be the most profoundly affected.

On the other hand, I can totally see this procedure being beneficial to drummers.

fluffy - 2007-12-05
From http://www.uk-guitar-teachers.com/mus_int_article.html:
"According to Shlaug, music study also promotes growth of the corpus callosum, a sort of bridge between the two hemispheres of the brain. He found that among musicians who started their training before the age of seven, the corpus callosum is 10-15% thicker than in non-musicians.

"At the time, Schlaug and other researchers speculated that a larger corpus callosum might improve motor control by speeding up communication between the hemispheres."

cognitivedissonance - 2007-12-04
Joe is played by Steve Carell.
futurebot - 2007-12-04
Dr. Michael Gazzaniga is played by Larry David.

yoyo1 - 2007-12-10
Computer graphics by ILM

keinsignal - 2007-12-04
so if we run a patch cable from his left hand back into his left hemisphere he'll be good as new.
Meerkat - 2007-12-04
"Whadya draw that for?" way to fuck with the guy, you prick. This is just animal cruelty poor severed brain dude.
pastorofmuppets - 2012-03-05
While dickish, it's actually central to the research. He talks about "theories" at the end but they don't show one of the cooler parts of the study.

"The left hemisphere of a split brain ... attempts to craft explanations for behavior initiated by the isolated right hemisphere. For example, a split brain subject's left eye received a command to stand. The person stood, but when asked why she stood up, she responded, using the language center of the left hemisphere, that she wanted a soda."

We are wired for bullshitting ourselves.

Xenocide - 2007-12-04
Well, damn.
Fingasmcgee - 2007-12-04
Corpus Callosum!!!!!!!!
GravidWithHate - 2007-12-04
Has anyone here read the Stanislaw Lem novel "Peace on Earth"? It involves self evolving robots on the moon and a guy who'se callosum is severed.
yoyo1 - 2007-12-10
I didn't read it, but on the principle that it is from LEM I'm gonna agree that it is probably great.

Joey The Cobra - 2008-05-14
Yeah great book, it's a pity this guy doesn't know morse code.

Camonk - 2007-12-04
The brain is totally badass, and I'm going to spend all day holding my hands to my skull so mine doesn't fall apart.
Menudo con queso - 2007-12-05
Amen to that. As soon as I finish typing this, I'm going to curl up under my desk in the fetal position with my hands clenched over my cranium -- and I'm not coming out until Brain Disorder Week is over.

yoyo1 - 2007-12-10
rubber tape

Steebis - 2007-12-04
Very interesting, I wonder if affects hearing or touch at all.
fatatty - 2007-12-04
What we can do is play tricks by putting information into his dick-
grimetooth - 2007-12-04
The brain is very mysterious.
gron - 2007-12-04
that is freaking awesome
FangoftheCobras - 2007-12-05
kingarthur - 2007-12-05
In art class, Joe was able to complete blind contour drawings while looking right at the paper. Also, I demand that Gazzaniga become an active tag now because that's the funniest damn last name ever. Seriously, I did a double take when they flashed it on the screen. Also: I can see Joe, his mind and life shattered, ruined by the evil machinations of Dr. Gazzaniga, kneeling in a rain-soaked gutter, ultimately throwing his fists into the air, his head thrown back as a mighty roar of vengeance bellows from his throat, "GAAAAAAZZZZZAAAAAAANNNNNIIIIIIIIGGGAAAAAA!!!!!!"
Scynne - 2007-12-05
That was later in the documentary.

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-07-02
Ahhh, the Head Meat, the most mysterious of human organ-y things.
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