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Desc:The only film ever shot in anamorphic duovision. You will need protective gear to watch this movie.
Category:Trailers, Horror
Tags:wicked wicked, duovision
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Comment count is 15
So color came before sound eh?.........
Well, if you had read your Calvin and Hobbes closer, you'd know thanks to Calvin's Dad that, in fact, the world really WAS black and white until sometime in the sixties.


There was tinting and um... Tinting.

Unmerciful Crushing Force
From what a quick googling seems to tell me, the whole idea behind
"Duovision" was just a glorified split-screen ala "Time Code."

But lord how I miss hyperbolic trailer announcers that don't come from Asia. :(
Fantastic example of cinema bullshit marketing. A simple split screen showing simultaneously occurring but different events on either side of the screen is given a glossy complicated name and sold as the next breakthrough in cinema technology. You don't need glasses, but you WILL need protective equipment.

Judging from that song, I'm guessing earplugs.
He's saying it requires special projection equipment. He never says anything about protective equipment...
Well he should have.

bang to buck ratio
helicopter cats
Gee, I wonder why MGM went bankrupt in the late 60's...
Billy the Poet
I would have been perfectly willing to buy this as a "Kentucky Fried Movie" type parody.
Spider Jerusalem
what the FUCK is that dance in the lounge act
Maggot Brain
Hey, it's the Hotel Del.
Rodents of Unusual Size
The guy that smashed through the window did a pretty good job of doing a cannonball.
Looks like he missed the window a little bit going in and banged up his left shoulder.

But after that though it was net all the way.

I have to see this movie, if for nothing else for the wonderfully awful themesong.
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