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Desc:Hipster douchebag shows you how to totally ruin a perfectly good pair of shoes.
Category:Fashion, Educational
Tags:youtube, how to, white people, hipsters, internet people
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Comment count is 26
helicopter cats - 2007-12-08
Wow. That's great. I'd pay probably 0.00-600.00 for the final product.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2007-12-08
So this is the Bob Vila equivalent for shoes?
themilkshark - 2007-12-08
Yay! Dirty shoes that fall apart!
Benzene265 - 2007-12-08
Commercials are so hip.
baleen - 2007-12-08

I see a lot of these assholes with beards in Williamsburg and I hate all of them. I went to a hipster bar for a while after work. Eventually I began staying there and hanging out with the hipster kids. One of them had gold converse that he bought for 0 from a Japanese Ebay store. I said it was really stupid. That's really the end of my story. I really do not want to see advertisements in youtube clips. I hate these people. Four stars for hate.
theFlu - 2007-12-08
I almost bought some cons 2 years ago. When I was paying for them, I thought 'HOLY FUCK, what am I doing?' and walked away ashamed

cons are the genital warts from your dick, on your feet
Roachbud - 2007-12-08
Converse are all right, just not after what this douchebag does to them.

dead_cat - 2007-12-09
Damn right. There's no shame in owning a pair.

The "pre-worn" look has always confused and infuriated me, though.

theFlu - 2007-12-09
no, they're pieces of shit - seriously.

they foster a ridiculous image of tween / mid-life rebellion, fall apart in a week, and sponsor RED TERROR - but scene girl blow jobs are ok, I guess

grimetooth - 2007-12-10
hmm...i've had my chuck taylors for years and though they are tattered they're still wonderful. yay! i heard nike makes them now though, that sucks.

Hooker - 2007-12-08
Jesus fucking Christ.

Needs a "people I want to punch in the neck" tag.
Mike Tyson?! - 2007-12-08
So the idea is to make shoes that look like mine because I wear them every day and refuse to buy another pair. Fuck you.
Mike Tyson?! - 2007-12-08
I don't know what came over me in my RAGE, but I should have 5 starred this. Some times the rating system confuses my simple mind.

takewithfood - 2007-12-08
You can have my 5 stars.

Phil - 2008-02-27
Mike Tyson?! of Poe-News fame can have my five stars any day!

Eroticus E - 2007-12-08
This shit is wack.
Crucifried - 2007-12-09
Some people used to just wear converse till they fell apart. It doesn't take too long. It's kind of comforting and nice.
Shion - 2008-06-26
I'm still wearing my pair of chucks from high school. They've been to 30 states and seven countries. This man is committing sacrilege.

charmlessman - 2007-12-09
What a fucking douche nozzle.

How is it that being a "Fashion Enemy" isn't a fashion? You absolutely KNOW this all came about because this dick knuckle got a new pair of Cons from his mom, but was too hipster fashion conscious to wear them fresh out of the box. I mean, what would the other trustafarians think if you had something NEW? So he had to pre-damage them so he could keep his cock-cred.
ZawBanjito - 2007-12-09
1 star putting in skull studs. Come on, man, the fuck are you, 12 years old? SKULLS?

+4 stars for the hilarious comments. Come on, people, the fuck are you, middle aged Republicans? The last time I heard so many rants against long hair, beards, punk rock aesthetics, and teenage dissipation I was with my grandparents, who I believe were born before they invented genitalia. He's making a pair of shoes widely (indeed, omnipresently) available for less than his own with a bare minimum of time commitment. This isn't Exhibit A in the Fall of the American Empire. I'm reckoning that his shoes will help him get laid with hip young girls at gigs, and win him the respect of his peers. I'm reckoning your spewy rage on an internet video board will only get you the latter of those. In short, fuuuuuuck the lot of you. The LL Bean outlet is that-a way. Hahaha.
Hooper_X - 2007-12-09
This guy is clearly in his late 20's early 30's and doing the same kind of ridiculous PUNK RAWK ANTI-FASHION that is more commonly associated with particularly dissatisfied 13 year olds doodling on the outside of their Trapper Keepers. And people PAY him to do this. I imagine that's responsible for most of the outrage here.

(Plus, there's nothing this tool can do to a pair of Chucks that will make them look any cooler than they did to begin with.)

ebola - 2008-07-02
I totally agree. Not my aesthetic but fuck, you guys make it sound like he's making shoes from dead, or living even, babies.

When I was in middle/high school I remember doing all kinds of stupid shit to my clothing.

When did PoE turn into the AARP?

Princess v2.1 - 2007-12-09
This is a perfect metaphor for the type of people who do this. "Ironic anti-fashion," think about that one.
karl hungus - 2008-04-01
fuckin' white people. :0(
mountain dew insimination - 2008-12-26
I was searching and searching for a poe forum that raged against the Hipster Nation.
FrankieTeardrop - 2010-07-02
Does he go to a salon for his unabomber look too? And why the FUCK is there a commercial in the middle of this?
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