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Desc:Will make you think the Angry Nintendo Nerd is a transcendent genius. Wait past the theme song.
Category:Video Games, Horror
Tags:e.t., Obese, angry nintendo nerd, blurry, plagiarism
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Comment count is 24
drcrypt - 2007-12-08
For the record, yes, his wallpaper IS a picture of him hugging Hulk Hogan. Wearing the exact same shirt as in the rest of his videos.
Monchiles Monchiles - 2007-12-08
Placing this in the Horror category was a good choice.
Stog - 2007-12-08
Randroid - 2007-12-08
This is some sort of anti-Ulillillia.
Adramelech - 2007-12-08
You figure this guy would like a game where all you do is eat candy.
baleen - 2007-12-08

I bet if we vivisected this man we would find a spatio-temporal anomaly wherein everything moves slower and bigger. His words move from synapse to synapse like sandwiches. Time contracts like big pudding being poured into a shotglass from a fifth story window. To combat the distances he must battle every second he resorts to higher frequencies of communication.
Adramelech - 2007-12-08

In a future video, he will spontaneously transform into a luminous orb.

StanleyPain - 2007-12-08
This is either brilliant satirism or sheer and utter retardedness, and I don't think it really matters which it is.
themilkshark - 2007-12-08
Delusions of internet fame. Splendid.
a flaming monkey - 2007-12-08
Hahahaha, I laughed, mainly due to the muffled version of AVGN's theme song which he seems to have appropriated.

They should give this guy Yahtzee's job.
Pillager - 2007-12-08
Has he reviewed the Wii, yet?

Or would that be too much exertion?
Pandatronic - 2007-12-08
Only 5 or 6 lines, but it's all gold.
fireplug - 2007-12-08
Is this the same guy as Angry Nintendo Nerd? He sounds different and if so, why is the Nintendo Nerd's theme music here?
Stog - 2007-12-08
He is not the Angry Nintendo Nerd, this is a fat retarded man pretending to be him

Knuckles - 2007-12-08
Ladies and gentlemen: SolRo.
sosage - 2007-12-08
Where is the pointing stick?
Lurchi - 2007-12-08
Would be better if he made fun of REO Speedwagon albums or something.
Endoris - 2007-12-08
Can't see him to realize how he feels before, during, and after unstoppable anger = 5 stars
Can't see what in the game is actually making him so upset = 50 stars
Anything could be happening in the room up until the last ten seconds, and it's neigh impossible to tell. Hell, he could be outside and we wouldn't even know. = 5 billion stars
phalsebob - 2007-12-09
I'd watch this guy on TV... better than the usual 'hey this game is sooo great.' I'd rather hear 'DON"T EVER PLAY THIS FUCKIN GAME!!'
Doctor Arcane - 2007-12-09
This is a lame band-wagon. Angry German kid, pissed off nintendo nerd. Trying to get their 15 minutes of fame.
Hooker - 2007-12-09
You are really missing the point.

dancingshadow - 2007-12-09
If I hadn't just watched the gamecube video this would be one star.... or five.
KnowFuture - 2007-12-14


fluffy - 2007-12-24
Removed by the user :(
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