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Desc:The cast of Barbershop channel the screams of the damned
Category:Horror, Humor
Tags:screaming, 2girls1cup, cedric the entertainer, soul pick
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Comment count is 44
THIS needs the "what hell sounds like" tag.

(p.s. five stars for the pick.)
Agreed. WTF.

j lzrd / swift idiot
It sounded like a trainwreck crossed with an Israeli wedding gone bad, no kidding it needs that tag.

Holy shit, I'm late to the whole "reaction videos" party, some of these are great (like this one.)

He didn't even watch it! What a pussy.
The comb was in the way

5 stars for the lone white guy in the back.
Innocent Bystander
Please tell me you're all acting like you don't know who these guys are.
Who are these people?

I have no idea who these tools are.

The Roots have low scat tolerance.
Frank Rizzo
-3 for that drummer dude having his eyes closed the hole time
+1 for "make it stop man"
+1 because it really is the best reaction ever.

You default to six stars? Something is awry here...

Frank Rizzo
its called failing, mr smarty pants.

Why the hell does he have a comb stuck in his hair? Fashion is so retarded.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Why you be hatin?

no you're a retarded!

Albuquerque Halsey
it's a black power afro pick

Albuquerque Halsey
oopps, read the tags after posting that

you got no soul!

comb = pick? wtf?

Seriously, it's looks completely stupid.

Rodents of Unusual Size
well aks a stupid question...

glasseye, it's an old style thing going as far back as the 70's. look at some of the blacksplotation movies and old episodes of soul train. you can think it looks bad, and hell, i wouldn't do it, but it is just part of a style, like torn jeans in the 90's or florescent pink in the 80's. there is no reasoning with it, you just gotta let it be.

Princess v2.1
Welcome to the internet
Are you people so white that you really don't know who the Roots are?
I've heard the name, but I couldn't tell you anything about them or recognize any of them by sight. This doesn't come from being white, but rather from a complete lack of giving a fuck about 99.9% of modern music.

Sure. Emmy award-winning television drama series following the life and times of a happy colored family in the blissful days of the antebellum South. I'm not THAT white!

(although in all honesty, while I know WHO the Roots are in the sense I've heard them and I know a few of their songs, I couldn't identify them by sight to save my life.)

Billy Buttsex

j lzrd / swift idiot
Dude. I'm going to fight my fight right here and right now, for no particular reason, like Forrest Gump running.

It ain't cuz I'm white. Yes. I'm fuckin' white. I'm white like a Norwiegian-Irish viking-mick. I'm white like a goddamn sheet of printer paper. I'm so white, the skin where the sun don't shine (AKA: My armpits) is so pale, it's fucking see-through like a goddamn onion-skin. I'm one of those skinny pricks that can show you his arms and you can SEE the blue blood in his fucking veins. I'm so white, I was raised Unitarian Universalist.

I'm so goddamn fucking white, that I don't know who The Roots are, and have never heard any of their songs, or if I have, I didn't know it. SO FUCKING SUE ME FOR REPARATIONS. I'M AN OBLIVIOUS WHITEBOY! You wanna know what the first CD I ever owned was? Crystal Method's Vegas album. Before that, the only music I had ever heard was the classical music dad played during dinner.

TLDR: Do they have any famous songs, or maybe can suggest an album of theirs to buy?

I have a 12" single that I got out of the trash and that is the extent of my knowledge of who the fuck they are.

Corman's Inferno
The only thing that would eclipse this piece is the Pope's 2girls1cup reaction.
Only if he screams and yells "Make it stop, man".

This meme really needs to go. If this is the best reaction ever, does that mean it can finally stop?
Ahriman the Creepy Lurker
Okay, yes, that one was pretty good. Now can we stop with the reaction videos?
Covering mouth, pointing, and laughing guy had the right idea.
Ed Anger
The facial expressions of the guy with the afro really make this clip.
No, the best reaction ever would have been if one of them shat in a cup and they all started regurgitating it.
Looks like they dug it.
These things were never that entertaining.
?love you pussy
The God of Biscuits
The Roots have nothing on Howard Dean.
?uestlove, just gird your loins and watch it dammit.
La Loco
I watched the video twice and I've come to the opinion that the video is fake. I think someone gave the girl some sort of peanut butter or maybe chocolate frosting enema and that is infact what they are eating.
Not rating this, but if you hate The Roots, it ain't because you white, it's because you have shitty tatse in music.
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