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Desc:promiscuous boy gets nailed, falls in love [without AIDS]
Category:Educational, Short Films
Tags:aids, gay, mike haggar, sugar baby love
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Comment count is 51
a flaming monkey
Wow...everyone is gay???
Yes. Everyone, at all times. By order of the PROPHETIC INTERCESSOR.

Sudan no1
five stars for making poetv uncomfortable

a flaming monkey
The whole safe sex message, which I assume is the point of this video, seems to be undermined by the fact that the main character is THE ULTIMATE WHORE.

An alternate interpretation:
Let everyone bang you, until you meet a doctor.

Thank you! Sex with four people and proper use of a condom makes you a WHORE. I've been saying that at my church group for YEARS.

Sex with someone within 20 minutes of meeting them and four seperate partners in the span of a day or two makes you a whore.

Yes this video is literal, that's is why it is possible to be crumpled up and thrown into the garbage.

FUCK, that is one uncanny valley.

Also: Can you get AIDS when nobody involved has genitals?

Still, I'm on Sudan's rating system here.
The only way I could vote less than five stars is jealousy for not having uploaded it myself. Tremendous(ly gay).
Innocent Bystander
That is one creepy pre-load image.
Syd Midnight

Why is it spelled "AIDES"?
Could be a reference to Hades--aka, the greek god of the underworld (and the underworld itself).

"Yeah, gay-fuck all you want with Apollo but you go to hades".

My interpretation isn't necessarily correct.

"AIDES" is the non-governmental French coalition against AIDS.


Four stars for the Cock Coaster.

Plus one star because I would so let the surfer dude fuck me if he gave me that same look.
Unmerciful Crushing Force
Y'know, that was almost worthy of a Japan tag.
Angel Carver
+5 stars for gay sex. + another 5 stars for "Sugar Baby Love" by the Rubettes. +5 for no-hands pushups off the kid's butt. + another 5 stars for the surprising sweetness.

I love this clip and almost submitted it a number of times but figured I'd get in hot water for extreme NSFW-ness. This is NSFW, right?
I was thinking the NSFW same thing.

There's nothing NSFW in it.
The sex is either alluded to, or is comical beyond being offensive

I'll be sure to tell my boss that.

you're like Dilbert!!

Cock coaster is definitely NSFW.

Punk rockers don't beat up gay people, that's skinheads' job
I actually tried to veto this in the hopper, but down voting it. Because, in retrospect, it sucks.
Dude, are you schizophrenic or bipolar? How can you submit such an awesome video and then rate it one star?

Adham Nu'man
You fucking suck and your parents know that and feel terribly ashamed.

This ad, on the other hand, is awesome.

Adham, theFlu has been dead for six years.

Angel Carver
I guess the reason it short-circuits my NSFW sensor is because it sits at the intersection of the animated vs. live action and the gay vs. straight sex double standard. It's confusing, but I'm glad it's here.

No way does this suck.
There's actually another AIDS awareness commercial made by the same guy who did this one, featuring straight sex. Believe it or not, it is just as amusing. Features such things as bearskin rugs that hand a girl a magnifying glass to help her find her partner's dick.

Oh, it sucks! (get it? because, y'know, it's gay. sucks. yeah?)

Mike Haggar?!
Billy Buttsex
Oh that's just too easy to comment on.

Baby Finster
I guess how "sfw" this is depends on how secure you and your co-workers are in their sexuality. It's an AIDS PSA, so obviously it's going to have to allude to sex.
My boss is a self-declared bulldyke lesbian, but I'm not so sure she'd approve of me watching this at work. Or anything at work. So you now what? Fuck it. 5 stars because... well, I have no idea why, let's just rate this 5 stars and call it a day.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I actually voted against this in the hopper but I'm four starring it for evil points. This doesn't really teach much about AIDS awareness, and its borderline creepy.
Tuan Jim

This is one of the most uplifting things I've ever seen.
Isn't that a dupe?
awww I thought it was cute.
Aubrey McFate
Leagues better than that "OK to be gay" video.
This is the most I've ever wanted to be gay.
I don't get it, why did he pass by those girls? they were hot.
j lzrd / swift idiot
I see what you did there, and I like your style.

this had me at god's accusatory fingerpointing
beat me to it

That was honestly one of the most obscene things I've ever seen.
I'm not sure what I learned from this but I think I learned something.
Tuan Jim
That doctor should lose his license.

There are laws against that sort of thing.

Also: fuck anything that looks at you of the appropriate gender and you will find love.

Also also: No mention of chewing a condom and blowing a bubble that knocks over your partner?
Funny how the gay guy is the only one who ends up marrying a rich doctor out of the three videos.
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