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Desc:Rowdy transgender people come in with a tire iron, McD's retaliates with fry grease
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:fight, mcdonalds, brawl, Memphis, transvestites
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Comment count is 28
in comparison, Canada is super fucking lame
Obviously you've never been to Vancouver's downtown eastside.

Well, I'm from Kamloops - so the eastside is just a larger, more concentrated form of the shit we have here... albeit, with a lot more crazy

Downtown Eastside isn't that bad. Geez!

On a side note, how'd the manager get sent away from being hit in the head with a wet floor sign? Those things don't seem sturdy enough to cause serious injury...

Because this is Sparta.

Kamloops looks like it's in the middle of fucking nowhere.

Kamloops is awesome for running around the woods with swords, and for train hopping - but nothing else.

Kamloops sucks. Surrey FTW!!!

in all seriousness, Surrey and Burnaby are the asshole and skidmark of the world. really.

East Hastings in Vancouver, B.C. is kinda rough, but one thing I've noticed is that even the junkies in that town are all beautiful people, so it doesn't seem so bad.

Actually, yeah, East Hastings is pretty bad. I've never seen a place so ignored surrounded by an otherwise great city.

Oh, and this video is awesome. I wish they had footage. Makes me think of some kind of gang from "The Warriors", like "The Tranny Angels" or "The 'Vites"!
that was supposed to be a reply

I was actually in East Hastings a few months ago, and a JUNKIE gave me bus money... so, go figure...

you capitalized. aww, are you a junkie too?

Memphis drag queens can get very rowdy.
childhood is sort of tough for bluegrass trannies

My favorite part about this fight is that the manager had to go to the hospital after getting hit with a wet floor sign
Just another day at McDonalds.

Damn. Those drag queens mauled him like the dog did your kid!
Black Boomhauer

3 stars for no footage
Dinky Patterson
There's more here than meets the eye.
I haven't been to McDonalds in years. I really need to start going again. Viral marketing?
anti anti anti
Going to name my son Martez Brisco
-1 star for no footage.

So, they never said what started the fight. I bet... and I'm just going out on a limb here, the trannies caught the McD's employees saying something or laughing or pointing at them. Backs get arched, tire irons come out, grease starts flying.
So you could say he mauled the refs like that drag queen mauled your son, right?
My new dream is to fight off a vicious mob of drag queens, and then when interviewed, assert that it was just 'another day'.
Fucking Memphis, man.
Fuck prosecution, we need conscription. Imagine how terrified the Taliban will be when our transvestite skirmishers appear in the hills like the howl of a jackal. All we need are Prada hiking boots.
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