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Desc:Lower left screen, short and sweet
Tags:short and sweet, Bouncer, Roachbud is a bouncer
Submitted:Dinky Patterson
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Comment count is 27
a flaming monkey
God, I hate Poetv.
Okay, see, you may not like the clip (I found it only so-so), but if you hate poetv then why comment at all? Why even come here? Poetv is a wonderful web site, and provides me with hours of time-wasting every day at work.

Don't shit on my free entertainment.

i think he meant it more in that the bouncer thing is getting old, which it isn't for me, but i could see how one might think it is.

that, plus this clip sucked. bouncer humor is best left in roadhouse clips and comment areas.

And I hate *you*.

Billy Buttsex
You know what? This 5 stars is for POEtv, the greatest site for this kinda shit that exists, and 5 stars for the people here, too. And yes, that even means Roachbud.

Despite the fact that everybody here but Enjoy, Roachbud, and myself are babyfur pedoMANIACS, poeTV rules -- where else can a straight guy like myself get yelled at by fags defending loli-cats??

5-stars for poeTV

PoeTV isn't short for Poet Five? What the f$Ęk!??1

andru strange
yes. lolcats are gay. thank you.

sloth love crunk
poeTV rules

a flaming monkey
I hoping for more of a reaction than this...Sigh...I suppose I'll have to turn to Youtube then, where I can rely on fiery replies and plenty of aspersions.

Hey, fuck you, theFlu, i'm not a babyfur.

God, I love PoeTV. Bouncer humor forever !
It looks like a stuffed dummy.
see i think this is interesting because the lack of context. Is the person passed out from drink/drugs or were they beaten to unconsciousness? is this part of some meathead bouncer Christmas reel or a piece of evidence?
the moon landing was faked
the earth is hollow!

Yellow Lantern
The underground Gobligan empire!

Rodents of Unusual Size
And who lives in that world? Bouncers? They make the earth spin, you know.

Quickly! Assemble the new League of Extraordinary Conspiracy Theorists to rent out a giant boat and float around looking for a hole in the Arctic for the entrance to reptilian bouncer-land!

Frank Rizzo
adams morgan is hardcore.
tru dat

finally something for us bouncers.
This vid even has something for the bartenders in the audience.
According to the Youtube comments left by the submitter who claims to be a part of the management of the bar, the guy was a problem patron who had caused problems before and had run ins with the police. The night in question he assaulted a barmaid causing her to get stitches and then fought with the bouncer which resulted in him getting thrown out so violently. Also according to the comments the police viewed the tape and are turning a blind eye to the incident due to their past experiences with the patron.
It turns out that pain DO hurt
Ahriman the Creepy Lurker
That's a pretty mean shot put.
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