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Desc:A Czech model on a tryout has difficulty with the English language. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Whoooo!
Category:Fashion, Humor
Tags:masturbation, czech, foreign chicks, europe land of culture
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Comment count is 24
whoa, we've got the same moves... but I'm going to steal her catch phrase so I can enter the dance floor in style, this time
What was she supposed to be saying?
Maybe she just learned her engrish from being cast in English-speaking porn and "Breakin' 2"?

Near as I can guess, she's auditioning for some goofy tampon/pad commercial where women are all "Woo! I'm on my period!" and they play Hot Blooded and everyone watching suddenly can't finish dinner. She means "I'm menstruating! :D " but runs into language difficulties.

Wow. These people are dicks, but her face is just so priceless.

That's much more likely.

So how long until these soundbites show up on Ventrillo Harassment?
Jimmy Labatt
4 stars for hotness + 1 star for the moonwalk into the wall
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
I didn't realize Bangbros had try outs like this.
Innocent Bystander
My thoughts exactly. The aesthetics are very homemade porn.

"Yay, I'm on my period!"

Her English teacher must be a cruel prankster.
No, honey - I'M masturbating.
Doctor Arcane
Are you sure she isnt MENSTRUATING?
Hot blooded huh... I feel sick dude.
karl hungus
yeah, no red wings for you.

you're excused
andru strange
no, you're not, cocktease.
Yaaaay! I'm on my period!!!!
Operation Cornflakes
"Yay, I'm on my period!"

That being said, there's been times in my life when I've been just as happy to hear a girl say that.
young, dumb...and full of fun
Rodents of Unusual Size
Poor little tart.
Big Name Celebrity
Woman: Why are you dancing?

oh god. it hurts. can't stop laughing.
I watched this weeks ago and didn't rate it for some reason, now I've spent those weeks fighting the urge to just dance around like crazy and shout "I'm MASTERBATING!", so I have to give this it's proper stars.

All of my stars are for 1:55.

Also, 'Say it louder!'
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