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Desc:Short and Sweet. Page turner for pianist Boris Berezovsky fails.
Category:Arts, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:failure, piano, Shame, short and sweet, better than Richard Kastle
Submitted:Lauritz Melchior
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Comment count is 23
Lowly page turner.
Lauritz Melchior
I've done that before. It's incredibly embarrassing. My piano teacher was accompanying a cellist with some very busy 20th century piece. Two days before the performance she asked if I would be able to page-turn for her. I said yes. Right before we went on, she told me that she would nod to signal she was ready for me to turn the page. We hadn't rehearsed. I got ready to turn the page about 8 measures early, but when I looked down at her, she was nodding frantically. Hysterically, I turned the page. Her left hand shot out and turned it back and she looked away from the music for a split-second to glare at me. She hadn't been nodding; her body was moving to the rhythm of the piece.

We have never spoken about the incident. She has not asked me to page-turn for her again.
Close to same thing happened with me, except the pianist huffed "too early, too early" when I did it.

Page turning for music you are unfamiliar with, for a pianist you haven't rehearsed the piece with is hard and embarrassing.

a flaming monkey
Yeah, me too. I'm a page turner too. I had to turn pages for a man with no arms who was reading a porno.

What did you do with him while you weren't turning his pages?

is everyone but me here involved in the classic music performance industry?

Aelric: yes

In between driving the kids to soccer and polishing my monocle, I do occasionally find time to play in the London Philharmonic, yes. Why, just the other night I was off attending a delightful gala with Yo-Yo Ma; the poor dear passed out drunk from one too many glasses of Sherry, and Itzhak Perlman and I glued his butt cheeks together. Oh, but it was a merry time!

Page turning always freaked me out more than actually performing.
poe tvers = a cultured lot
Billy Buttsex
I imagine many of them as having large sideburns, scarves, and monocles. The other half are soccer moms and fags.

Well, I'm a lesbian soccer mom with sideburns and a monocle.

Well, I am Evil Homer.

His page turning career is OVER
You'll never turn pages in this town again!

This happens all the time.
I had the luxury of being first chair of the viola section in my orchestra, so the second chair did all of our page-turning...
Goofy Gorilla
Being an even-numbered chair is pretty fun, because no matter who your stand partner thinks he is, the page turns exactly when you feel like it should.

I read the title as "falls" and was terribly disappointed.

The turner really got dressed up for this.
Next up: assistant messes up lunch order!
Magical Man from Happy-Land
FABIO doesnt like something, news at 11
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