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Desc:He's everything Goronchev wishes he was.
Category:Religious, Fashion
Tags:gay, masturbation, goronchev, peeping tom, no shirt
Submitted:a flaming monkey
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Comment count is 29
that is one glorious gay man!
Shining white teeth - hard, defined abs - his own solarium!!

No finer man be crafted from bronze or gold

I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Oh Toronto.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Five points for the word solarium alone.
wtf is a solarium?

minus one because he doesn't wear a shirt. leave something to the imagination!!!!
By "solarium" he means "embarrassingly small pseudo-room with lots of windows that is way too tiny to actually put furniture in." The realtors like to advertise "1 bdrm w/solarium!" because it sounds fancy.

I know this because I actually live in that building. *shudder*

doc duodenum
Look out your window and see if you can find the guy masturbating.

Thank you for assuming that I'm not the guy masturbating!

Thankfully, I live on the north side and they're on the south.

Colonel Cowlung
Why is this here? Is it because he's an attractive gay man?

I expected the peeping to happen on camera at least.
it's here because he exemplifies the modern Olympian: a god of sun-soaked bronze, observing the world from the heights of his solarium

a flaming monkey
It's here! It's queer! We don't want anymore bears!

Sudan no1
Yeah, this guy is like Goronchev with the creepy removed.

Apparently Goronchev got banned from youtube, I wonder what the final straw was.
Doctor Arcane
I wish I had a solarium. Also as an attractive gay 24 year old male shouldnt he be getting more ass than a toilet seat? WTF?
Other gay men are intimidated by his consumate rippling perfection.

... or just think he's a weirdo.

Yeah, I'd say they would be intimidated by his perfection. I'm a rather average-looking gay 25 year old man. There's no chance in hell I could summon the courage to ask this guy out. And even if I did, I would be constantly obsessed with the fact that he's way more attractive than me.

Giggle! He sounds a LOT like Goronchev.
It's a lot pathetic, a lot sad, and not very hot. Sorry kid, no need to wait for middle age, you're a creepy gay troll at 24.
a flaming monkey
This guy is apparently very popular. Go to his blogsite: http://www.breaktheillusion.com/ and be converted to his ways.

Dr Dim
I don't know why, but I have a feeling this gentleman is a homosexual.
Frank Rizzo
Brautwurst_Barbarian has the hots for shirtless gay man!!!
No comment from Xiphias yet. He may have passed out.
masturbating at his computer

Xiphias is a gay lol.

This isn't the slightest bit interesting.
a flaming monkey
Oh, be nice.

Everytime you masturbate this guy will be at your window, watching you.
Dummy Rum
I'm gay for his girly voice. With my eyes closed, he sounds like a tomboy.
My eyes are open, and I'm still melting for this boy.

-1 for hot guy not jerking off in return.
How does he know the guy is gay?
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