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Desc:'He's Black. He's Brutal. He's BOSS!'
Category:Trailers, Classic Movies
Tags:70s, Blacksploitation, N Bomb
Submitted:andru strange
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Comment count is 15
I'll wait for the Tim Burton remake.
Satisfy MY curiousity next!
Boss Nigger vs. Blazing Saddles
That's one sheet-party breakin nigga!
THAT is a fucking good theme song.
Jive Dupe
the other two boss nigger clips were duds - so isn't this more like a resubmit?

There's an update link function. You have to be willfully retarded to screw up the submission process here.

well, ok. 1 star then.

Huh, almost expected Boss Nigger to quip "dey some tough white boys !" at the end, but he didn't =(

Also; why are bad guys in Westerns and 80s Universal Studios productions always named "Clayton" ? Honest to cloud-pensioner, so many of them are (there's at least one Russ Clayton in every episode of The A-Team).
andru strange
shit. sorry.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I like the cut of your jib, Boss N Word!
Syd Midnight
This is ruined for me since I played TF2 on a 4chan server that ran this on an endless loop.
barack obama's first day in office!

well shit, someone had to make that joke!
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