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Desc:From the mind of Go Nagai. And yes, it's supposed to look that cheesy.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:Sexy, Japan, strange, weird
Submitted:Reefer Fez
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Comment count is 14
a flaming monkey
Is this the one that's based on the anime which is just non-stop nipple-ige???
You're going to have to narrow that down. But yes.

i'm not gonna vote on this because i'm not gonna watch this. instead i'm gonna go watch a good japanese movie like fireworks or gozu so my dislike for crap like this doesn't turn into pure racism.
Considering that this is all about a blandly cute girl running around nearly naked while sounding retarded, then saving people, then battling some kind of cat-themed Drag Queen Gone Horribly Wrong and her army of cat-themed beyond-cartoonishly-incompetent minions, and is all shot in the sort of cheap and cheesy style that Japanese live action entertainment excels at, I'm going to declare you an idiot.

I am gonna vote on this and I am gonna watch this. In fact, I'm going to watch this because, even though I love movies like Fireworks and Gozu, my cultural perspective isn't so narrow that I have to reinforce my own weak intellectualism by hating things that are composed of popular entertainment when they aren't actually bad, just because I have to maintain my rep.

Its funny, you're missing out, and I've never seen the anime.
a flaming monkey
Good for you...

I've never seen the anime, but this live action kept me entertained simply because it's like an anime and because she eats so much sushi.

Zhou Fang
Damn, those are some snazzy thug uniforms.
I've never seen this anime either, but the first video alone is the fucking shit.
It's actually a delightfully nutty film. I was quite suprised.
Menudo con queso
Ugh, the last thing I need on a day when the guy in the next office is playing ABBA and won't put it on his headphones. 1 star for the joke where the henchthugs always holding their hat brims, I guess.
People shouldn't vote when they are on the rag. Even if it is accompanied with non-stop ABBA.

This makes me happy in a lot of different ways.
Good times.
that sexy tag ain't no lie
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