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Desc:24 hour tag. When they are tagged, there is punishment.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Japan, Downtown, batsu, gaki no tsukai, tag
Submitted:don piano
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Resubmit:chaos owl

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Comment count is 25
Brautwurst_Barbarian - 2008-01-05
It is usually considered smart to stay away from something called a "punishment game".
EvilHomer - 2008-01-05
So who's your favorite tagger? Mine's either Picture Story Show or Pie.
don piano - 2008-01-05
my favorites are the Saver and the Picture Show with the twist ending

takewithfood - 2008-01-13
I wish they did more Picture Shows. The suspense of not knowing the "ending" would be half the punishment.

Doctor Arcane - 2008-01-05
All the other clips seem to be broken :(
Smellvin - 2008-01-05
Just click on the picture and view them on their proper YouTube page. They're still there. It's just the embedding that's screwed up for some reason.

don piano - 2008-01-05
Embedding was disabled by the original uploader. Normally I wouldn't submit something embed disabled but I felt it was important that people see this.

Chet - 2008-01-05
Sorry. Embedding disabled by request... the bug on how poeTV handles these has been fixed. These will still be broke for a bit, but new submissions will handle this correctly.

Smellvin - 2008-01-05
I've loved just about every clip of this show I've seen on YouTube.
svraz - 2008-01-05
Is this a one off thing or do they do different "challenges" every show? I thought it was great! Can someone provide more background info on this show. Another question: what was the significance of the little tagger they always beat up. Is he a recurring character? Why do they disrespect him so?

Portaxx - 2008-01-05
svraz, they're a group of Japanese comedians that are known to participate in grueling and often pointless games for people's amusement. Usually losing one of the games will result in a 24-hour "punishment game" such as this.

These guys have done everything from getting electric shocks to being hit by a dick-punching machine to getting slapped by angry Germans. Usually when you see a "WOW WACKY JAPANESE GAME SHOW LOL!!!!" video, it's not a game show at all, but rather these guys tormenting each other for the sake of comedy.

PS I talk too much.

svraz - 2008-01-05
Thanks Portaxx !

don piano - 2008-01-05
the little tagger was like the producer of the show or something, its like on SNL when Lorne Michaels shows up in a skit only here they slap him around and rub pie in his face

Portaxx - 2008-01-05
A million zillion stars for Downtown and their crazy buddies forever.
Thundercougarfalconbird - 2008-01-05
12 Stars for Volleyball machine.
don piano - 2008-01-05
I did not submit the link to part 4 because it involves Hamada getting teabagged by eight year old boys. But if you want to see the OUTRAGEOUS part of this episode, it's at


GoneGirl - 2008-01-06
I . . . I thought you were kidding. Or exaggerating.

I apologize.

Thatcher Pennywhistle - 2008-01-05
Watch me squeeze my breasts?
don piano - 2008-01-05
Oh and for some reason this and No Reaction! Pie Hell have no tags in common. But if you want more of this sort of thing:


Here it is the other guys who are punishing Matsumoto, so it is a role reversal from the 24 hour tag.
Aelric - 2008-01-05
actually, you tube yanked that one. too bad, i rather wanted to see more of this kind of thing.

A Jumping Spider! - 2008-01-05
oh, I'm glad you said that. New links submitted.

The guy who translated this says he's working on the whole of the high school episode.

FangoftheCobras - 2008-01-05
Hanada the older guy is the best, and suffers the most. We should let japan run our torture program.
waxeater - 2008-01-05
Love the weeaboo-off in the YouTube comments.
RockBolt - 2008-01-06
These guys go down like soccer players
xVisagex - 2008-01-12
There are simply not enough stars on the Internet for this.
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